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  • Badminton Standard Membership£35.00
  • Badminton Associate Membership£35.00

About Us

Welcome to the Swansea University Badminton Club!

For those who love to play badminton at Swansea Univerity. We welcome all abilites 


Need to Know Beginning the Year

  • We have conducted all of our trials this year, but come along to out taster session for Intramural Sessions on Tuesdays (Scroll down for Intramural information). Please use the sign up sheet on our instagram:
  • If you have made the women and men's 1st and 2nd teams, please scroll down to find training times. 



Year overview

To stay up to date follow our Instagram where our latest information regarding socials, match results and any other events will be posted.

Folllow: swanseaunibadminton 


Regular sessions starting from 9th October.

Squad Training: Mondays 8-10pm Bay Campus, Thursdays 6-8pm Singleton Sports hall 

We have 5 competitive teams at Swansea, 3 Mens and 2 Womens teams. This means there is plenty of oppurtunity to play competitivly. Our sessions will comprise of skill and fitness drills as well as game practise.

If you haven't made it to squad this year come along to the intramural sessions there is oppurtunity to be scouted to play reserve for the teams and a chance to play in men's 3rd competitivly. 


Intramural + 3rd team Sessions: Tuesday at Bay Campus 

as an Intramural player you will be eligible to play in 3rd team games and if you show interest you will be put forward to be first reserve for other teams.

This session is for all abilites and is for all those that want to have some fun with friend. These sessions are open to everyone and are run by our committee the format may change throughout the year but you will be kept up to date to any alterations 



Our Socials this year are run by Ed and Eesaa. They have promised nights of laughs, fun and games with all sorts in mind. Socials are open to anyone in any part of the club or anyone who likes the sound of it. 

We will be running Socials every other Wednesday officially but there is no telling what our Social Secs have planned!


We welcome all members of badminton club, whether intramural or squad, to buy our brand new yonex sports top. Yonex is the biggest badminton brand in the world, so this top is perfect for every player. It has a lovely swan design, can be personalised, and is a great to show off you belong to a university club. Sadly the kit order has been sent for this year but depending on interest we may order a second batch in the second semester for another oppurtunity to buy the spectacular kit.  



If there are any queries don't hesitate to message the instgram and one of our committee will respond.

Any issues or suggestions can be directed to our Charity and Welfare officers Ceryl and Caitlyn. you can find them at various sessions or ask for them through the Instagram. 



Ellie Richmond
Madeline Cook
Social Media Officer
Steve Kuriakose
Social Secretary
Eesaa Sadiq
Nathan Johnson


  • Badminton Squad Full Year Fees£55.00
  • Badminton Squad Semester 1 Fees£35.00
  • Badminton Christmas Dinner 2023£10.00