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Welcome to the Swansea Sirens- Swansea University's Cheerleading & Dance teams!

Cheerleading is a great way to keep fit and involves a mixture of stunting, tumbling, acrobatics and dance. We will teach you everything you need to know, so don't worry about not having any experience if you are thinking of joining our club! In 2019/20 we had our most successful year yet, placing first in several divisions and receiving 3 grand champion national titles. Despite Covid last year, we still managed to train and keep up our team spirit and we are still hoping to compete this year (2021/22) and are actively recruiting for more members to fill the places in many of our teams.

We offer a variety of teams that suit ALL abilities and encourage everyone to get involved. We have competitive teams which require a higher level of commitment and training, as well as the chance to perform at national competitions across the UK. These include 2 dance teams and 2 cheerleading teams. On top of these, we also have our game day squad which is our largest team which is very popular and gives you the opportunity to perform a coach lead routine at university matches! This year we are also introducing our Social Squad, which is completely inclusive and does not require a tryout but still allows you to try all the elements of cheerleading from tumbling and jumps, to stunting and dance.

Heres a breakdown of all the teams we offer:
TEAM Competitive or non-competitive Tryout neccessary? Training and commitment required About the team


Social Squad



Non-competitive NO

Once a week, the only squad where no tryout is necessary.

Our Social squad is new this year and gives you the chance to try out all aspects of cheer, with a different one of our coaches taking training every 2 weeks! It is also the perfect opportunity to give cheer a try without the pressure of performing or competitions. 

GameDay Non-competitive YES

Once a week, if performing at matches extra training sessions may be required. 

This team will give you a grounding in cheerleading skills and is a great team to join if you want to try the sport. You will get the chance to perform at games and matches at the university but without the pressure of competitions. 
Comp Squad Competitive YES

Twice a week with one session taking place at an external facility (gymnastics centre). Extra training on weekends required occasionally.

This is our competitive large all girl level 3 team composed of 30 members who perform a fast paced routine to music and go head to head aganst other universities at national competitions. Tumbling/stunting experience is needed for this team and you will be expected to work extremely hard throughout the year.
Group Stunt Competitive YES

Once a week. Expected to train in your individual groups occasionally on top of the weekly slot.

This team is composed of mini stunt-groups who perform at compeititons against other stunt groups. As we cannot stunt just yet, this team is reserved for seniors or freshers with previous stunting experience. 
Pom Dance Competitive YES

Once a week

Pom dance is a fast paced, energetic style of dance that is performed whilst holding pom poms. It involves elements of jazz such as pirouettes and leaps. This team is composed of approx 12 members who will compete at the same competition as our comp squad. 
Hip Hop Dance Competitive YES

Once a week 


 Our hip hop team was new last year and has become a really popular dance choice. It will be a small team of members with approx 12 people in the squad. You will also go to competitions to perform the routine you learn. 


*Despite the pandemic, we have been working hard to allow training to take place safely and effectively. We have cleaning policies in place and you will be expected to maintain a 2m distance at all of our training sessions where possible. Don't hesitate to contact us if you are worried about COVID operaing procedures. We will however be announcing all these details to our members when neccessary.*

Social this year will be held at our sponser bar Peppermint! There will be a theme every week which can be found on our social page. Please join on the link below: (2) SWANSEA SIRENS SOCIALS 21/22 ???? | Groups | Facebook
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How do I get involved?

Join our facebook group for newbies wanting to join cheer:

Purchase cheerleading membership!  You will also need to purchase the term 1 sport swansea membership. Both of these memberships will be needed to attend socials and to tryout which will guarantee you a place on the Social Squad.


Try outs will be held on in 2 parts.

A taster session will be held for everyone on the 28th September at the indoor track! Here you will learn basic stunts, jumps and skills which are relevant for all aspects of cheer and the second part of tryouts.

On the Thursday (30th september) is where you will actually tryout for the relevant teams your interested in. You will showcase the dance, jumps and stunts you have learn to our coaches. No need to worry or stress, its really casual and just gives the coaches the best idea of which team wil be the best fit for you.


To show intrest please fill our our google form and more information will be emailed to you!


We canot wait to meet you all and welcome you to the sirens family :)