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Welcome to the Swansea Sirens- Swansea University's Cheerleading & Dance teams!


  • Cheerleading Standard Membership£32.00
  • Cheerleading Social Membership£18.00
  • Cheerleading Associate Membership£32.00

About Us

Cheerleading is a great way to keep fit and involves a mixture of stunting, tumbling, acrobatics and dance. We will teach you everything you need to know, so don't worry about not having any experience if you are thinking of joining our club! In previous seasons we have placed first in several divisions, receiving 3 Grand Champion National titles, and last year receiving some of our highest scores to date! We are acitvely recruting for new members for the 23//24 season, and cannot wait to get the year started.

We offer a variety of teams that suit ALL abilities and encourage everyone to get involved. We have competitive teams which require a higher level of commitment and training, as well as the chance to perform at national competitions across the UK. These include 3 cheerleading teams and 2 dance teams. On top of these, we also have our game day team which is our largest team and gives you the opportunity to perform a coach lead routine at lots of university matches! We also have our Social Squad, which is completely inclusive and more relaxed while still allowing you to try all the elements of cheerleading from tumbling and jumps, to stunting and dance.

Results for the 22/23 season = 

Club of the Year - Sport Swansea Awards

Committee Member of the Year - Sport Swansea Awards = Megan Chagger, Club Captain

2 x Level 4 All-Girl Group Stunt National Champions 

Hip Hop National Champions

Pom team scoring the highest ever Sirens score, ranking 2nd in their last competition

Level 2 and 3 competition teams ranking 5th in the nation

Multiple top 10 results for our level 2 and 3 group stunt teams.

Heres a breakdown of all the teams we offer:
TEAM Competitive or non-competitive Tryout neccessary? Training and commitment required About the team


Comp Squad

Level 3



Competitive YES

Twice a week with one session taking place at an external facility (gymnastics centre). Extra training on weekends required occasionally.

This is our competitive large all girl level 3 team composed of 30 members who perform a fast paced routine to music and go head to head against other universities at national competitions. Tumbling/stunting experience is needed for this team and you will be expected to work extremely hard throughout the year.

Comp Squad

Level 2

Competitive YES

Twice a week, with occasional extra sessions taking place at an external facility (gymnastics centre) or weekends. 

This is our competitive level 2 non-tumble team composed of 30 members who perform a fast paced routine to music and go head to head at national competitions. Stunting/dance experience is ideally needed for this team and you will be expected to work extremely hard throughout the year.
Group Stunt Competitive YES

Once a week. Expected to train in your individual groups occasionally on top of the weekly slot.

This term is composed of several seperate stunt groups, competing in levels 2-4 at national competitions. These groups are either all-girl or coed. Previous stunting experience is preferred but not required.
Pom Dance Competitive YES

Once a week

Pom dance is a fast paced, energetic style of dance that is performed whilst holding pom poms. It involves elements of jazz such as pirouettes and leaps. This team is composed of approx 14 members who will compete at the same competition as our comp squad.
Hip Hop Dance Competitive YES

Once a week

Our hip hop team was new 3 years ago and has become a really popular dance choice. It will be a team of approx 14 members. It involves a mix of styles of dance from waacking to breaking with some tricks incorporated within the routine. You will also go to competitions to perform the routine you learn. 
Game Day Non-Competitive YES Once a week & perform on some Wednesdays Our Game Day team is our largest team, who perform at the half time of university sports team games, such as the Super BUCS Rugby & Football games. This team is open to all abilities and is a great way to build up cheerleading knowledge and skills, but still get to perform.


Non-Competitive NO

Once every 2 weeks 


Our Social Squad is the only team you do not need to tryout for. This team gives you the chance to try out all aspects of cheerleading, with all of our coaches getting inloved over the year. This team is a great option for members not wishing to take on such commitments, and an introduction level.


Social this year will be held at our 2 sponsor bars: 
Peppermint and then heading over to Jacks!
We have also secured free entry to Bambu every Wednesday night 
All information including timings, locations, theme plans, pre drinks, sober socials and more will be posted on our socials page on facebook. Please join on the link below: 
Social Media

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How do I get involved?

Join our facebook pages: Swansea Sirens 23/24 and Swansea Sirens Socials 23/24

Purchase cheerleading membership! We offer 2 types of membership:

1 = training membership = if you would like to join ANY of the teams listed above and train either weekly or bi-weekly, you will need to purchase our membership and the Sport Swansea Membership. Both of these memberships are needed to attend training and socials, which guarantees you a place on one of our teams for the year!

2 = social membership = if you would just like to attend our socials ONLY (both alcoholic and sober), you only need this membership. This guarantees you a place at all our socials every week, and the benefits that come with it, eg free entry to Bambu and Peppermint social on a wednesday night! Which not many other sports teams have!!

We cannot wait to meet you all and welcome you to the sirens family :)




Tori Mead
Game Day Coach
Maisie Beardmore
Caitlin Bendyk
Group Stunt Coach
Isabel Davies
Hip Hop Coach
Tyler Scriven
L2 Comp Squad Coach
Olivia Skidmore
L3 Comp Squad Coach
Elouise Shelley
Pom Dance Coach
Hannah Watson
Georgina Krousti
Social Media Secretary
Tanwen Moon
Social Secretary
Millie Champ
Cameron Holder
Olivia Shott
Welfare Officer
Libby Williams


  • Cheerleading Training Top£12.00
  • Cheerleading Hip Hop Training Fees£36.00
  • Cheerleading Pom Training Fees£36.00
  • Cheerleading Game Day Training Fees£21.00
  • Cheerleading Social Training Fees£5.00
  • Cheerleading Bournemouth 7s Deposit (Only for those already told they are going)£90.00
  • Cheerleading Level 2 Training Fees£35.00
  • Cheerleading Level 3 Training Fees£42.00
  • Cheerleading Level 3 DRIVER Training Fees£12.00
  • Cheerleading Donation£10.00
  • Cheerleading Stunt Training Fees£14.00
  • Cheerleading Bournemouth 7s Final Installment£75.00
  • Cheerleading Competition Fees£55.00