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Swansea Powerlifting focuses on improving strength in the main three lifts; Squat, Bench and Deadlift. We welcome people of all abilities!


  • Powerlifting Student Membership£30.00
  • Powerlifting Associate Membership£30.00
  • Powerlifting Student Competitive Membership£50.00
  • Powerlifting Social Membership£10.00
  • Powerlifting Associate Competitive Membership£50.00

About Us

The team primarily trains at the university gym, where we foster a friendly and welcoming community of members. Training sessions are a great way to meet like-minded people and we welcome people of all abilities!

The society hosts regular socials which all are encouraged to attend, these are often announced on our Facebook and Instagram pages which you can join in the links on this page.

We host our own competitions such as mock meets to allow members the opportunity to feel what a competition may be like. Later in the year we then organise our own varsity against Cardiff where members train to be selected in this competition against our main rival!

To support your journey, we have coaches and experienced lifters that are more than happy to aid anyone in their lifting journey, regardless of your starting ability. We support our members in competitions to relieve stress for them as well and celebrate their success.

We also host interactive, beginner-orientated workshops to aid in developing technique, and answer any questions you may have about the sport. These sessions are run by one of our coaches with a small group and are very beneficial to beginners and novices.




Club President
William Hughes
Men's Captain
Max Heyburn
Oliver Minshall
Social Secretary
Alfie Egan
Joseph Martin
Toby Hillier
Women's Captain
Genevieve Adlam


  • Powerlifting Oversized T-Shirts£20.00
  • Powerlifting- SUPC Joggers£25.00
  • Powerlifting Social to Standard Membership Top-Up£20.00
  • Powerlifting Standard to Competitive Membership Top-Up£20.00
  • Powerlifting Hoodie£30.00
  • A7 Swansea Powerlifting Singlet£59.99