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Swansea University Kickboxing Club

Training fees

Please ensure you purchase the correct training fees for you. 'Kickboxing Returners Training Fees' are for those who purchased training fees in the 2019/2020 academic year. If you did not purchase training fees in the 2019/2020 academic year please purchase the 'Kickboxing Training Fees'. If you buy the wrong membership you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TRAIN. 

Booking a session (members only)

Contact the Facebook page or Ben Wickens to receive your membership number. You must have paid the full training fees to receive this. You need the SUKB membership, training fees and sport Swansea membership. With this number you will need to login into this link:

Bookings can be made two weeks in advance, if you can no longer come to a session please tell us at least 24 hours beforehand.

Please ensure you also sign the google documents stating you're symptom free. This can be done at:


How training is going to work

We ask that you wear sliders/flip flops before training or at minimum shoes you can slip on without tying laces to reduce the time it takes for people to leave. This is due to that we must clean after each session and timing is tight. Currently all sessions are held at TDMA Academy, Unit 18F, Alamein Road (near Liberty Stadium).

For the sessions you won’t need any equipment, but you may bring gloves if you have them (they must be wiped down with a solution that kills viruses if you use them in the session). When training at the sports hall there is NO space for bags so please don’t bring any, although you may bring a rucksack to the YMCA. We recommend you wear clothes that aren’t going to restrict your mobility so think gym wear. Please bring along a bottle of water as sharing isn’t an option.

The Sports Hall and YMCA have a one-way system in place, please ensure you follow it. A member of the committee or an instructor will meet you at the entrance and let you in. These entrances will be shown in a separate post. Once you’re inside you will line up socially distanced and training will commence. Before lining up we recommend you sanitise your hands thoroughly. You will then be instructed on leaving, following the one-way system.

During training you will be positioned so that there is adequate space between you and anyone around you (i.e. socially distanced). If you cough or sneeze during training, please do so into a tissue or your elbow, afterwards, sanitise your hands and forearms (all the way to the elbow), so keep sanitiser on you.

Training times for the whole year.

Currently due to COVID not all our facilities are available to us now. Although hopefully this will change within the coming weeks. Due to this we’re currently only training 2 days a week, once the facilities become available, we will be putting on another session for both bubbles on the Tuesday evening at the pavilion. However, the current training times are:

Pavillion - Tuesday

Currently unavailable.

TDMA Academy - Wednesday


TDMA Academy - Saturday


We appreciate this is weird start to the year, once social distancing is reduced we’ll be back to training how we all know and love but until then we all look forward to seeing you back at training!

Welcome to SUKB

Welcome to Swansea University Kickboxing club! We’re a competitive and friendly kickboxing club with a huge range of experience in members who all help each other. We pride ourselves on being suitable for all levels of experience from beginners who have never stepped onto the mats before, as well as those who would consider themselves advanced. Competing is completely voluntary and many members don’t compete at all and join us to improve their fitness, learning self-defence and our mix of sober and non-sober socials.

Swansea University Kickboxing (SUKB) are partnered with Two Dragons Martial Arts (TDMA) who provide coaching through highly qualified Welsh and British champion. All new members are welcome to join, the first week of training is free to allow you to see what were all about. Due to COVID all sessions must be prebooked due to track and trace requirements, information regarding prebooking will be updated soon. 

We also have fun and memorable socials which allow you to meet new people!  Whether a drinker or non drinker we cater for all of our members and aim to provide an inclusive environment through a huge variety of activities. This year we're having to think outside the box and we're planning a lot of activity-based outdoor socials as well as the usual visits to Wind Street, ensuring everyone is keeping safe.

The club boasts an impressive competitive record, with multiple British, Welsh and national champions, world medallists and a team winning the overall UCL championship trophy in 2012. We compete on a regular basis all around the UK, including at other universities in the UK. We also have won the Varsity Shield twice against Cardiff and intend to continue this tradition this year.

This is some of our most recent competition victories:


Welsh Varsity champions

University of Bath Fight Night winner (Jan Cazin)


Welsh Varsity champions 


University of Bath Fight Night winner (William Ashwood)

Welsh Open second place (Patricia Knönert)

University Kickboxing champion (Kester Pardoe)

Welsh Varsity champions 

WKCA champions (Kester Pardoe and Dominic Morris)

Bristol Open 2nd Place in -89kg Light Contact (Kester Pardoe)



First week of sessions is FREE!


The yearly training fees includes a uniform set (fight bottoms and a t-shirt)!



£35 for grading ceremony 
£30 for hoodies

Any questions? Join our Facebook group or contact us anytime:




Ben Wickens (Captain)

Ellie Wiffen (Secretary)

Kester Pardoe (Fight Captain)

Nick Fisher (Treasurer)

Oliver Ryal (Social Secretary)