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  • Water Polo Associate Membership£24.00
  • Water Polo Standard Membership£24.00

About Us

Freshers Fayre 2023/Water Polo Sign Up 2023

Freshers Fayre will be (date to be confirmed) here you will be able to have the opportunity to ask some of our committee members any questions you may have and sign up via the googledocs form if you haven't already.

The trial will be at the start of October, exact date is yet to be confirmed, Water polo trials usually take place on the same evening as swimming trials, we understand that some of you will be interested intaking part in both clubs. We encourage you to take part in as much as possible whilst your time here at Swansea university, however, we encourage you to let swimming committee know that you plan on attending swimming trials after Water Polo trials. Our trial starts before swimming. And after 45 minutes or so, you can head over to swimming.

For trials, we encourage you to get to the pool at least 15 minutes early for registration.

The sign up for this years trials can be found below, please visit our freshers farye stall. Freshers Farye is the 27th and 28th of September. 

Please note that there is a limit to the number of freshers we can trail, if you are not offered a trial please DO NOT turn up on the trial date. You will be emailed by a committee member if you have made the team following trials. You will be placed on a waiting list if initially you are not invited to trial or come to trial but unfortunately do not make the team. If there is a place on the team, you will be contacted. This will be on a first come, first served basis i.e., the person who replies about the available place first will be offered a trial.

What is Water Polo?

Water polo is a mixture of horse riding and swimming. Please ensure your horse has an appropriate snorkel fitting before entering the pool. Only joking, Water Polo is a mixture of many sports taking elements from Handball and Basketball. It can be as physical as rugby and enduring as football.

Some of you may have played water polo on holiday, perhaps. This gives you a foundation of Water Polo is like, there are a few differences between competitive Water Polo and holiday Water Polo. Firstly, the game has many rules, these will become familiar to you with the more games you play and the more training sessions you attend. Secondly, water polo is played in a pool that is meant to be in deep water, meaning you won’t be able to stand (some away fixtures have a shallow end pool), instead you will learn to tread water effectively and efficiently. Thirdly, you can swim with the ball as you do front crawl. Fourth, you cannot hang onto the side of the pool. This may all sound quite daunting but please rest assured that these skills are developed over many months. We do not expect you to already possess these skills unless you have played competitive water polo before which is not very many people have, so don’t worry about being a complete newbie, we all had to start somewhere. As-long-as you are a confident swimmer and have a team player attitude, Water Polo is where you will excel.

Water Polo is two teams of 13 (6 Outfield players, 1 goalkeeper & 6 subs) swimming up and down to score goals, but each attack lasts 30 seconds for each team. The overall match is split into 4 quarters lasting between 6-8 minutes each. Water Polo is a fast, energy demanding and aggressive sport that is both rewarding and builds friendships that last a lifetime.

For more information on the basics of Water Polo visit Polo/introduction-to-water-polo

If you would like a full run down of the rules of Water Polo visit Water Polo Rules (

Swansea & Swansea University Water Polo

The Swansea University team has had a partnership with Swansea Water Polo Club for the last 10 years. We have a Men’s and Women’s university team both participating in the BUCS Western Division. Both teams are working towards promotion next year. The women’s team, in the past, have participated in very successful cup runs in recent years, reaching the quarter finals and further. We hope to continue this success and get even further! The Men’s team also work towards a successful cup run, however, we have been unlucky with cup fixture draws in recent years.

The partnership we have with Swansea Water Polo Club means that we share the pool and equipment with one another and we help out when we can, such as officiating and reffing. The Men’s university team share the pool space with the club players, this ensures that we have sufficient numbers in a training session and also enhances your coaching experience.

We are a very open club and welcome beginners and veterans of the sport to the club. Don’t think that if you haven’t played Water Polo before, you will be at a significant disadvantage. Many of our top team members from previous years have been new to the sport and you quickly learn through matches and training. The team is built with people of all years, all studying a vast range of degrees so there is always someone in the same boat as you.

Welsh Varsity

The Welsh Varsity is the biggest event of the calendar and to the University. Every year around April/May the two biggest Welsh Universities Cardiff (BOO) and Swansea (GO SWANS) fight for the title of best Welsh University. This is the second biggest Varsity in the UK, only behind the famous Oxford Vs Cambridge Varsity. The Water Polo event is a tough and exciting match for all players and spectators producing some very close matches and entertaining Water Polo.

Social Events

This year we have 2 Social Secretaries on the Committee who will organise fortnightly events ranging from good old fashioned pints and Christmas meals to theme inspired nights out. Previously we have had many themed nights including Army, Pirate, Hawaiian, Halloween and Toga. We will also run sober socials, such as trampoline park, beach (with organised fun activities of course, rounders, BBQ etc) 

We will also be attending awards night, one of the biggest nights of the year! this is the time to dress smart and celebrate with other teams, clubs and societies. 

Summer ball, great day out, festival vibes.

We also run a social membership for those who perhaps do not want to get in the pool but want to attend our sick socials (Price TBD).

Where, When & Other Information?

We one main session at the Welsh National Pool every Tuesday between 20:00 – 21:30. Please ensure that you are ready to swim 15 minutes before the starting times of each session in order to help set up the equipment and to register. We offer a free trial to all new players (date TBD) to see if Water Polo is the right sport for you. We also train occasionally on Sunday. 

We are limited by the number of squad members that will be able to train (15 men and 15 women), but don't let this put you off, everyone has an equal opportunity to participate if you are committed and work hard. 

The only requirements are that you can train weekly, work hard during training, have enough swimsuits & towels (goggles are a good idea too), are a confident swimmer, enjoy yourselves and a trip to JC’s after training to have a few pints and replace those burnt calories. 


Here is a breakdown of the costs:

To be apart of any sports club at Swansea Uni, you will need a Sports Swansea Membership £30 for the year. This allows you to play in BUCS competitions:   PLEASE ENSURE YOU CHECKOUT WITH AN SU MEMBERSHIP (£0)  AND A SPORTS SWANSEA MEMBERSHIP (£30)

swim wales insurance: £39. All members will need to pay this to be eligible to train. You will need to make an account if you have not joined swim wales before. 

Swansea Water Polo Membership is £400 base rate. 

This cost includes all equipment cost such as goals, balls, timing equipment, hats, ref fees, pool hire for training, match day pool hire and ref fees.

The competitions the university team players have the opportunity to play in are:

  • Men’s BUCS League Western 1A (18 Games in Total)
  • Men’s Bristol League 2nd Division (12 Games in Total)
  • Women’s BUCS League Western 1A (18 Games in Total)


Payment methods: 

The main and most straightforward way to become a member is to purchase a membership via the SU page after trials and an email confirming that you have made the team. We are awaiting for the SU website to reflect the new membership cost and payment portal once we hear back from the pool about final pool hire costs.

At least one full term payment will need to be made at the end of October to ensure you are not turned away from training after the month and to be eligible for games. This may cost in excess of £150, so keep a bit aside from your loans!!! Alternatively, you can of course pay the full amount and have a very stressed free year?

As mentioned above we offer a free trial to all new players (dates to be decided but typically after freshers week) to see if Water Polo is the right sport for you.

So come on down for the trial and see what the power and elegance of the water sport that is Water Polo. 

For the men's team, you may be invited to play for Swansea club in the Bristol and west league, as well as a cup run. This if only offered to members that demonstrate a professional attitude towards training, possess a good water polo understanding and a willingness to improve.

We can promise you that you won’t regret it   

Contact Details

For more information or to answer any queries please do not hesitate to contact either:

President: Marcus Potter  - Email:

Club Tresurer: Molly Hunt-  Anna Morris -

Womens Captain: Eve Rimmer-

Mens Captain: Charlie Wilkes-



Marcus Potter
Adel Youssef
Social Secretary
Cameron Anderson
Paul Jackson
Rachel Simpson


  • Water Polo Year Fee£360.00
  • Water Polo Half Year Fee£180.00
  • Water Polo Quarter Year Fee£90.00
  • Water Polo Social Wednesday Pool Session Fee 01/11/23£10.00
  • Water Polo Social Wednesday Pool Fees£100.00