Olympic Weightlifting
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Olympic Weightlifting

Weightlifting focuses on improving Power, Absolute Strength, Flexibility and Speed. The competition lifts are: Snatch and Clean & Jerk. All sporting abilities and background are welcome!

About Us


The newly formed team trains at the university gyms - alternating between bay and singleton campuses. Weightlifting training sessions provides a positive carefree environment where everyone can have a fun and productive training session together whether they are training the weightlifting specific movement or general strength and conditioning training.

Swansea Weightlifting club is great way to meet like-minded people and we welcome people of all abilities! With experienced athletes from national to international athletes, and an official coach, we are able to guide beginners, intermediate and pro weightlifter towards success.

With upcoming competitions upcoming this year such as BUCS and self arranged varsity against Cardiff university and internal ‘crazy’ competition arranged against powerlifting society - new and old athletes can chose to compete for their university and fly their green and white flags if they chose! with plenty of support provided by the athletes and coach.


Eran Whyte
James Godden
John Lloyd