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For those with an interest in Biology, Zoology and Marine Biology.

About Us

The Biology Society has been created for those with interests in Biology, Zoology and Marine Biology. Society membership is also available to those who are not on a Biological Sciences Degree course. As a society, we will provide memorable socials, opportunities to attend extracurricular activities and promote other opportunities which may interest you. 


This year we are sponsored by Peppermint on Wind Street. When you purchase a Biology Society membership you will receive a Peppermint card which enables you to receive 2-4-1 cocktails, discounts on many drinks including beer and jaëgerbombs and 30% off food. Our first social will include a pub quiz with a bottle of Absolut up for grabs, head over to our Facebook page during freshers for more information. 


Membership must be purchased in order to attend events and socials at a price of £3. If you are already a member, please request to join the Facebook group "Swansea University Biology Society Members 18-19" which is linked on the main society Facebook page! This will allow you to keep up to date with society events and information.


President: Curtis Butler

Secretary: Jessica Caddy

Treasurer: Jack Hole

Social Secretary: Henry Larkin