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Feminist Society

The Feminist Society here at Swansea University is dedicated to better understanding the functioning of misogyny, studying feminist texts and thinkers, and building a supportive community of women!

About Us



Welcome to the official page for Swansea University Feminist Society!

The Feminist Society here at Swansea University is a community of women interested in studying and discussing feminist theory and thinkers, women's history, and working to address misogyny  in our own lives and around the world. We welcome all opinions and views, including from radical and gender-critical feminisms. We support open and free academic discussion, including on a variety of potentially controversial views. We are focused solely on issues affecting women. If you disagree with any of the political posts or commentary shared, we invite non-members to participate in our open discussions to share their disagreements and views. Men are also welcome to join our open discussions and debates, but we request they remain passive and respectful oberservers rather than participants. All Society events, including open discussions, are female-centric spaces that prioritize and centre female voices and experiences.

Our aim is not "gender equality" or "equality of the sexes", but rather the liberation of women. Like Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said, why should we only aim for 50% of female supreme court justices, why not 100%? We do not want to be equal to men. Men are not the benchmark for female emancipation. We are also intersectional and Marxist; women will never be free until all of us, everywhere, are free - misogyny intersects on an axis that can also include race, class, and sexual orientation. 

If you are interested in learning more, particularly about radical feminisms, we suggest visiting openaccessfeminism.weebly.com for a free collection of downloadable PDFs and books. 

  Please join us even if you have no expertise or experience in feminist philosophy and theory. All are welcome who are interested in meeting a like-minded group of women to discuss, debate, and drink with!  We are very friendly and outgoing - it is not what you have been taught to expect from a group of feminists ... 


Please join our Facebook group for more updates on upcoming events, including in-person socials and ZOOM discussions and panels. 

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1504810819780220/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Swansea-University-Feminist-Society-115049673260451/

Instagram: swanseafeministsociety 

2021-22 Committee

President & Women's Officer for the Student Union: Abigail Bergeron (womensofficer@swansea-union.co.uk

Please feel free to reach out on the FB page, IG, or via email if you have any questions or inquiries!