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Pool & Snooker

Swansea University Pool Society (rebooted for 2019) President: Matthew Westbrook Contact: pool@swansea-societies.co.uk

About Us

Welcome to the Swansea University Pool Society (rebooted)

Hi - my name is Matt and I'm the new president of Swansea Pool. It is with regret that the pool society stopped as of September 2019. I was very dissapointed to hear this - as I'm sure you are too. This is why they could not be found at the Fresher's Fair. However, as a pool player, I couldn't let this society not exist and have decided to restart the society fresh, with a few of my friends. As you may appreciate doing this will not be easy, and I would be thankful if anyone interested would bear this in mind. That being said, I'm glad to see plenty of interest through email and on the Facebook page.

My goal is to play twice a week, once at Singleton campus in JCs, and the other at the common room or Tafan Tawe at Bay. We will also organise regular trips to Whitez sports bar in town which has more professional tables. Unfortunately at this time we are unable to source a snooker table, but it is something we will aim to find soon.

The club will of course be open to all levels - you don't need to have any previous experience to join. Even if you don't understand the game (it's pretty simple). We are more than happy to teach new members how to play and we encourage people of all abilities. However if you're interested in competitive pool, you're also in the right place. The pool society are previous winners of the Welsh Universities Pool Festival in singles, doubles, and team events, and have sent many players to BUCS as part of the Welsh student's team in the Welsh international student pool tournament.

So what do I do to join? Firstly, please don't pay to join the society yet. As it's in the early phases I don't want people to pay to join and have nothing so far. Secondly, please show your interest either via email or follow our new facebook page https://www.facebook.com/swanseaunipool/

Thank you,

Matthew Westbrook, President.