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  • Nepalese Standard Membership£5.00
  • Nepalese Associate Membership£5.00

About Us

Namaste!! Welcome to Swansea's Nepalese Society!! 

Our society aims to promote Nepalese culture and bring together our community, but is open to all nationalities! This upcoming year (2023/2024) we want to try to improve our society by hosting more events and organising more collaborations with not only other societies but other university's NepSocs as well! We really want to create a sense of community and familiarity among all of our members so please look out for our upcoming events!! Our membership price fee is  £2.50 per person!

You can get a chance to meet some of our committee members at the Freshers Fayre this September so please come say hi!! We would be so happy to answer any of your questions and welcome you to our uni! 

If you have any questions or any event ideas you would like to share please do not hesitate to contact us!! 

Hope to see you all this year !! :3

Instagram: @swanseanepsoc





Shishir Khatiwada
Shreya Rai
Sejal Neupane
Social Media Manager
Shushovit Khanal
Sanskar Aryal
Vice President
Neharika Mehta