Russian Speaking
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Russian Speaking

About Us

Welcome to Russian speaking society!


If you want to meet native Russian speakers, get to know their traditions and lifestile, you are going the right way;)
Our first year of existance (2018-2019) went very succesfully and we are continuing to grow.
Our aims this year:
  • Educative socials: Russian language workshops, Quiz nights both in Russian and English, informative and fun evenings with different countries insights from our members. 
  • Socials: Russian style gathering with few beverages ("Kulturno posidim"), Halloween party, Christmas party, cooperation with other language societies.


All the dates and locations of our events will be send by email to each member and posted on Facebook page (SU Russian speaking society) and on instagram page (swansearussiansociety) .


Are you ready to rock Swansea as those Russians do? POGNALI! (translation: let's do this)