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About Us

Welcome to the Pyjama Society!


We are all about comfort, cosiness and chill vibes. From craft nights, to movie and games, to Eurovision watch parties, if you want to make friends in a fun and calm enviroment (wearing your comfiest of sleepy clothes!) then this is the society for you! We don't do pub crawls or big club nights, so this is one for the stay-at-home PJ Pals!


President – Robyn Lee

General Secretary – Liv Swift

Treasurer – Grace Simpson


We highly encourage the wearing of PJ's. If PJ's aren't your thing, that's fine! Just make sure you're wearing SOMETHING comfy to you! 


IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of the socials will be somewhere with a cat, so if you have allergies, please let us know!


Robyn Lee
Olivia Swift
Grace Simpson