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  • Sri Lankan Standard Membership£2.50
  • Sri Lankan Associate Membership£2.50

About Us


Whether you are Sri Lankan and simply looking to connect with people from our beautiful island,


 you are simply looking for an inclusive safe space to make friends at University, 

 this is the society for you! 

We welcome members that are not only Sri Lankan but from all different backgrounds and nationalities for we simply seek to promote appreciation and enthusiasm for Sri Lankan Culture. 

This year we are planning on having many events that vary from Kotthu and Baila nights, sporting events to event collaborations with universities all across the UK. There will be something for everyone in this society and if you have any ideas on what you want to do all you have to do is contact us

Our 2023-2024 committee is extremely excited to be welcoming you to our Society this year.

We hope to see you soon!



Enrichment Officer
Santhiya Jeyaram
Events and fundraising officer
Shobia Suresh
Thirowshie Srijeyaram
Sanshas Ravindran
Purist Sandanayaka
Vice President
Fathima Mohamed Raheem