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  • Healthcare Science Standard Membership£5.00
  • Healthcare Science Associate Membership£5.00

About Us

Hi there! We're the Healthcare Scociety. Our aim is to allow every course to socialise and integrate, creating the opportunity to make new friends throughout your university journey. You will further get to mix with other students from different areas of health, including Nursing, Medicine and Midwifery, providing opportunity to ask burning questions and learn from each other.

To come to the events we host, make sure you grab the £5 membership so that we can make our socials the best for you they can be! Once you're a member, go to our Facebook page via the link, or search "Swansea Uni Healthcare Science Society" and join for updates. See you at our events! 


President: Tesni Amos

Secretary: Immie 

Treasurer: Connie Amos

Events coodinator: Grace Byrne


Tesni Amos
Connie Amos