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About Us

Are you a Student Plus? 

We are a society for anyone who is more than just a student and who would like to meet similar students!










Anyone else! 


We hold regular coffee mornings and will be expanding further with time! 

Any questions, please ask! And please spread the word, the more the merrier! 


Facebook Page 

Facebook Group 

Here's a PowerPoint we made full of helpful advice and tips. From academic help, home/studies balance to even online learning. All views and mistakes our own: click 


Upcoming Events

  • Online,daytime socials take place during term time, so we have finshed for now, but keep an eye out for Study Session in January and socials restarting in February! 
  • Coffee mornings: Currently unknown. Keep checking for updates and these will restart once we know it is safe. 
  • Last term, regular coffee mornings (rotating weeks) were held in The Lighthouse, Fulton House. It is accessible from the outside of Fulton through a door painted with a Lighthouse. It is on the opposite side from Costcutter (so go to the side facing the Mall/Faraday etc). The Lighthouse provides free coffee, tea, sugar and milk (and a microwave), but you'll need your own reusable cup. It is a cosy area with beanbags, sofas and privacy. This has halted due to the current situation, but we can't wait to get back here!

Mature Student Officer

The society is very lucky to also have the current Mature Student Officer as a member. This means any issues you have that need raising with the SU or university can be easily raised and hopefully fixed. Email her on: if you need extra support, help, or even just a rant.