Commercial Law
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Commercial Law

About Us

The Commercial Law society aims to create a platform and hub for all students interested in the field of commercial awareness. We partnered up with The Corporate Law Academy an educational platform which provide online training to help aspiring lawyers excel in their legal careers. It's also a community where students, graduates and future trainees come together to share their experiences and rely on each for support. Additionally, with our committee members having several links to organisations such as Legal Cheek ,BeComAware, Instate and The Watson's Daily,  we plan to hold many important events that help further our members careers. We aim to gain a deeper understanding to the commercial law field through constant discussions and more! We aim to get students involved with many of our interesting events and activities. Students who join our society can look forward to: 

* A jam packed freshers week filled with ice breaker events

* Monthly coffee meetings

* A series of fun quizzes and games to become more commercially aware 

* Application strategy sessions

*  CV/Cover Letters skills sessions

* Events with many organisations which may include sessions with trainee solicitors/ webinars with several professionals in the commercial awareness field 

* BAME / Women in Law / Social Mobility targeted events 

* Competitions with a chance to win big prizes, for example, One-on-one mentoring sessions or a chance to win a PDF worth £49 of commercial awareness cover letters and application examples, how to incorporate work experience, show commercial awareness and many more!  


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a role/ the management of the society or any events. 


Commercial awareness is all about understanding how businesses and organisations are run, which is applicable to any degree and career field. To gain a deeper insight, make sure to join!






Your Current Commercial Law Society Committee:

  • President - 

Jasmine Mohamud 

  • Vice President - 

Muntaha Rahman

  • Secretary -

Annalyne Murage

  • Social Media Officer

Alice Wills

  • Events Co-ordinator

Alexandra Said

  • Treasurer

Gunni Singh