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Arab Society


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About Us

Salam all,

Welcome to Arabic soc where we hope to be a hub of inclusivity, acceptance and appreciation to all. Our main aim is to bring to light all the incredible things that MENA (Middle East and North Africa(n)) countries have to offer as well as the plethora of contributions they have already made to society as a whole. We aspire to not fixate on the religious or political side of things but rather the backgrounds and origins that tie us all together as ultimately regardless of our beliefs or potential stances we are all one of the same. We want to burn the bridge that forces religion and politics to control our communities and give ourselves and our peers the freedom to be with likeminded people without fear of judgement or shame. 

Our Ethos: “Appreciation knows no borders”

~ Swansea University Arabic Society Committee


Events Coordinator
Mohammed Halmstrand
Adel Youssef
Yousif Mohammed
Naya Manasrah
Vice President
Tala Odeh