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Exploring the realms of robotics engineering, building bots, performing outreach, and unleashing relentless determination on ambitious projects! ??


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About Us

“Exploring the realms of robotics engineering, building bots, performing outreach, and unleashing relentless determination on ambitious projects! ??”


Welcome to Swansea University’s Robotics Society Page!

Our Robotics Society have a lot of activities planned for the coming year including:

+ Competitions!

+ Bot Building!

+ Collaborations!

+ Challenges!

+ Socials!


So, are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of technology and innovation? If you are, there are endless possibilities awaiting those with a passion for robotics, automation, and cutting-edge engineering. 

Robotics Society plan to run workshops, hackathons, and collab sessions with other societies that allow you to build, program, and operate robots. Overall, you'll gain invaluable practical experience that complements your theoretical knowledge as well! These opportunities can also help future career prospects.

Talks with industry professionals will be scheduled, also come along to our socials where we’ll watch botfighting competitions and have other cool activities! Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for robotics and we hope to foster a hub for students, professionals, and enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds to engage and build future opportunites.

Showcase your skills and creativity by participating in in-house robotics competitions and challenges. These events not only provide a platform to test your abilities but we’ll also be competing in an external robotics competition next year, so these sessions can help your hone your skills to create great beginner bots.

While we strive to spark interest in robotics, our secondary goal is to emphasise that creating bots is an attainable aspiration for students from all backgrounds, culturally and academically. It does not matter whether you are an Engineering or Pyschology student, you can learn how to create IoT creations, sensor receptive bots, competition-worthy robots and other creative monstrosities :D

Robots are shaping the future in countless industries, from healthcare to manufacturing, and even entertainment. By joining the Robotics Society, you'll stay connected to multidisciplinary field that is Robotics, and enrich your knowledge because of it.

Additionally, would you like to become a STEM ambassador this year? We at the Robotics Society, will help students through the process of becoming qualified STEM Ambassadors in the new academic year. We hope to run events that will allow you showcase your skills as a STEM ambassador and also hone these skills in many different environments.


Regardless, we genuinely appreciate your interest in our society, check out our social media for more info!