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We are the official academic society for all English-related courses! Have a passion for reading and all things literature? Then you have come to the right place! Join us to get involved!


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About Us

Welcome, Readers, to the English Society Homepage! 

If you are reading this, you have started the first chapter of your literary journey with us. As with any tale, the beginning is a place of situating oneself within the narrative. This introduction is an outline of our society’s goals, a working draft of events, if you will. The plot is not yet definite, but the ideas are on the page, waiting for their insertion into the tale.


Study sessions are a vital part of our journey. Intended to help everyone conquer immovable narrative events (deadlines), the committee hopes to set up weekly study sessions, to provide a space for you to come and work alongside like-minded people on coursework and exam prep. Worksheets can also be completed and explored as a pre-seminar preparation session, or as a post-seminar feedback session.


No narrative is ever solely focused on a the primary plot! (getting through the academic year), and so journeys into Swansea (and beyond) will be held to uncover its bookish potential. Think bookstores, cute cafes, and idyllic reading locations, and some exciting socials, all intended to help our members reset and recuperate as a group. These sessions aim to unite the society in the joys and sorrows of literary pursuits, whether these be post-assignment celebrations or pre-deadline freakouts.

Of course, every story also has its mysterious, undetermined elements. For ours, this is the exchange and the pursuit of new adventures. The book swap and book club are projects that the committee would love to incorporate into the society but remain as draft ideas until further editing is completed!

So, does this book sound like one you’d like to pick up and start reading? If so, welcome to the English Society! Grab your favourite book, your beverage of choice, and find a cosy place to begin. We look forward to welcoming you!


Events Coordinator
Abigail Terry
Cerys-Leigh Phipps
Lois Bozilovic
Social Media Officer
Isabella Brunke
Edward Clement
Welfare Officer
Hannah Stevenson