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Street Law

Word on the street is that the Street Law Society is the place to be. Community, skill building and bringing the law to the people in a fun and understandable is what we're all about. Check us out!


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About Us

WAYOHHH its the Swansea University Street Law Society!

Welcome to the Street Law Society – where legal lingo becomes as easy as can be! We're not your typical club; we're all about breaking down intimidating legal barriers for students and the wider community.

Our society is an extension of the on-campus law clinic's coolest volunteer project, where our main gig is running public legal education workshops about any topic in a way that makes sense and keeps everyone engaged. Who said legal knowledge had to be all serious and stuffy anyway? Go beyond textbooks and case studies; here you can build your skills by breaking down big ideas with a helping hand.

Get real with the on-campus community of volunteers and general members who are as passionate and fun to hang around as they are to work alongside. From experienced upper years to folks who think Street Law sounds interesting. There's a space for everyone in this community. 

But wait, there's more! Our society builds opportunities and connections with organisations and members beyond our immediate university community. There are so many avenues to use a degree in law that do not follow the traditional route which builds your employability potential and helps improve the city we all know and love.

You can catch the Street Law Society in action through our casual socials, studying/working power hours and community outreach projects (coming soon) on campus and one day beyond. 

Have an idea or want to see the society do something specific along these lines? Let us know! We embody the same values as the global Street Law Inc project, meaning that everyone has an equal say and access to the collaborative process that is the Street Law Society. 

Learn to love the law in our community even more than you already do - we'll see you soon! 




Elenor Marano
Roisin Kelly
Social Media Officer
Nia Ashman
Charlotte Blackshaw
Eleanor Cook
Vice President
Sa'd Khalayleh