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ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP for Non Students and Alumni

Who are we?

The aerospace society is a place for everyone interested in anything aerospace! Whether you're studying aerospace engineering or have a more casual fascination, the society is open to anyone wishing to join! As a soceity, we aim to provide an experience with something for everyone, with activities ranging from the more academic to the more relaxed socials. With everything from talks from industry groups, to day trips, to the good ol' Wind Street Socials, if you want to meet like-minded people with a shared interest we aim to do our best to provide that!

The society has previously been crowned “Most Improved Society 2017/2018”, as well as being awarded Gold HEAR and STARs - making it one of the very few academic societies to have done so!


This year we are looking to reintroduce merchandise, so keep an eye out for our updated range!

We work closely with our suppliers to deliver good quality clothing at a discounted rate for our members!

We hope to see you wearing our designs around campus and always welcome your feedback.


Past trips have included visits to Aerospace Bristol to see Concorde, Leicester's National Space Centre, and RAF Museums, with more planned each term.


We aim to hold regular events and socials and welcome your input! Get involved to meet your peers and course mates!

We collaborate with other societies to deliver a diverse range of events and hope to expand this in the coming year!

Flight Simulator

Members of the committee have now been trained on the flight simulators and (COVID restrictions permitting) we will be running these sessions wherever possible on Wednesday afternoons.

Guest Lectures

Throughout the year we are trying to get as many guest lectures as possible for you. These are completely free and are a brilliant opportunity to meet employers and employees of companies in Engineering.

Join Now!

Our Membership is £3 for the entire year, and is open to all students regardless of what discipline you study! This gets you access to any of our events and socials, and it enables us to offer subsidies on our events and host a wider range of activities and trips plus discounting our merchandise!

Our Associate Membership extends to Alumni or any non students!

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