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Airsoft is a sport similar to paintball but far more fun! We play both causally and competitively at least twice a month and encourage all to join regardless of experience.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a combat simulation sport similar to paintball but without the ridiculous cost or bruises. Essentially, you get bb guns and the opportunty to shoot your friends in a controlled envoriment! 

Much like paintball, Airsoft uses replica firearms that are basically sport grade bb guns. The equipment offers realistic appearance & operation to the real weapons as well as ammunition costing a hundred times less than paintball. Did we mention that it hurts a lot less than paintball?

Airsoft events take place on a huge variety of different sites, those local to us include Hard Target and FMA but a little bit further adrift is Dragon Valley which is situated on the active military base MOD Caerwent, near Newport. We also visit sites as far as Gloucester and Bristol. 


What do you do?

We play casually several times a month, but we do also have an inter-university team that play the 25 other Airsoft societies around the UK, most notably our rivals, Cardiff. Feel free to join regardless of your experience! We really do aim to cater to everyone.


What do I get if I join?

As a club we organise and provide transport to games twice a month and aim to facilitate games on those weekends that we are not running one. As well as this we provide all the kit you need, such as weapons, tactical wear, safety equipment etc. Also we'll be running socials as often as demand allows. Finally, you get access to all our experience and know how! Believe us when we say that this is the best opportunity you'll ever have to get into a sport like this.

We also sell guns and equipment at discounted rates due to our position as a society. This is fantastic for members who can save in excess of 25% on certain brands and products. 

For those who have guns and kit already and are not quite sold on the club, you'll get transport and games organised for you as well as a great team to play with every other week! Not to mention the friends you'll make whilst playing, at our socials, and at our inter-uni games.


Can I try it first?

Sure, we offer at least one give it a go session after freshers week each year. The details for the game will be on the public Swansea Uni Airsoft Page on Facebook: 

If you have missed it, not to worry, send one of the committee an email or message on Facebook and we'll arrange for you to come along with one of our next usual games.


I love it/I'm still not sold, so what's next?

If Airsoft sounds like something you'd be interested in, then don't hesitate to click the membership button below. After you're a member we'll contact you with our group details and info about how we organise game and socials etc. 

Or, if you are still not sold, drop an email to our club email address or to one of our committee. Or even follow the Facebook link and get in touch that way. Feel free to send across any questions you may have and we'll get back to you asap. We will also be holding some informal get togethers just to chat about the club and what we offer during or just after Freshers Week. Info about these will be on our public Facebook Page:


See you on the field!


Note for members: We tend to organise our games through Facebook, once you have bought membership, please follow the link below and request to join our members only group to stay in the loop! Otherwise please make us aware if you are not using Facebook to ensure you don't miss out.