Biochemistry and Genetics
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Biochemistry and Genetics

BigSoc - Biochemistry and Genetics Society


  • Biochemistry and Genetics Standard Membership£3.00
  • Biochemistry and Genetics Associate Membership£5.00

About Us






Welcome to the Swansea Biochemistry and Genetics Society (BiGSoc) 2023-2024! 

This society is primarily for all students studying (Medical) Biochemistry and/or Genetics, as well as AMS, Population Health and Medical Pharmacology - but everyone is welcome!

Membership costs £3. If you are a current student please buy the standard membership. With £3 you have access to our socials, workshops, and other fun activities for free! (or with a discount if not possible!).


Roberto Villace-Rapson
Publicity Officer
Rohan De
James Lewis
Social Secretary
Cora Ainsworth
Adel Youssef
Vice President
Riya Sharma
Welfare Officer
Valerie Ben-Solomon