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Welcome to the chess society! A place for all those who are interested in the ancient game of chess. Whether you're new, competitive, a grandmaster or just want a place to play, this is for you.

This socity revolves around anything related to chess, we offer regular tounaments with occational prizes and online meetups. We also give a welcoming place for like-minded people to practice and compete in a friendly environment. 

Beginners and grandmasters are both equally welcome, if you're knew and don't even know how the pieces move there are dozens of people willing to help you out and share some of their own knowledge. You couldn't ask for a nicer learning environment.

As of 2022 the society is going strong. It has recently been revived after a period of inactivity and exists solely online for the moment. To join our discord server and engage in our regular events send us an email or join our Facebook group. Links to both can be found at the side of the page. We aim to resume in-person meetings in the coming months as government restrictions roll back. 

We will also soon be holding election for new committee members, so if you're interested in chess and want to help out, this is the perfect place. It also looks brilliant on a CV.

Here's a link to our discord server:

2022 Committee:

  • President - Owen Wallace
  • Vice-President - Charlie Cockburn
  • Treasurer - Luke Smith
  • Secretary - Edmund Jones




Cymdeithas Gwyddbwyll

Os ydych chi'n awyddus i ddysgu chwarae gwyddbwyll, gwella eich sgiliau, neu efallai, chwilio am bobl sy'n hoffi meddwl i fwynhau'r gêm anhygoel hon gyda; dyma'r gymdeithas gywir i chi.
Rydyn ni'n caru gwyddbwyll. Mae croeso i ddechreuwyr a phrifathro fel ei gilydd. Rydym yn cynnig cymuned wych o gyd-chwaraewyr yn ogystal â digwyddiadau a thwrnameintiau arbennig ar gyfer y chwaraewyr mwy cystadleuol!
Uchod popeth arall, ein nod yw gwneud y gymdeithas hon yn well gyda phob blwyddyn sy'n mynd heibio. Bydd hyn yn golygu gwell deunydd, safon well chwaraewyr a mwy o hwyl.
Os ydych chi eisiau chwarae gwyddbwyll i gystadlu, cael hwyl, gwella, neu hyd yn oed dim ond dysgu sut i chwarae gwyddbwyll, beth am ymuno â ni?

Gweler chi yno!
- Cymdeithas Gwyddbwyll