Offering opportunities to get involved with conservation & ecological based activities in and around Swansea. Endorsed by the bioscience department.

Welcome to the Conservation Ecology Society of Swansea University!

Society of the Year winners in 2020

We're based within the College of Science at Singleton Campus and are officially endorsed by the Bioscience Department in the University as well as its research team SERTs. As well as organising our own events for members we work closely with other groups including the sustainability team of the university and have external links to the Swansea countryside Council for Wales, the National Trust, and various other groups to ensure we're making a positive impact on our local environment and wildlife. 

We offer regular opportunities throughout the year to help out on a variety of projects, such as clearing scrub and managing habitats, as well as training and workshop days if you fancy scratching up on your identification skills. 

We are also currently working to the Bronze Accreditation for making Swansea University a Hedgehog Friendly Campus! If this is something you'd like to get involved with, please contact us!

So whether you're a biologist or just a general nature lover we'd love to hear from you!

Please join our facebook group for more information on events and activities and follow us on social media for updates

Committee: President: Karolina Yagüe Treasurer: Izzy Stuart  Secretary: Adam Veselý Social Secretary: Amy Shorley