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Welcome to the Egyptological Society of Swansea, a group of students forming a web of academic assistance and social support for all students who study or have modules in Egyptology.

The Egyptological Society of Swansea was started in January 2013 by students at Swansea University studying Ancient History and Egyptology degree schemes.
The Society aims to work with the Society of Ancient Studies, Egyptology lecturers and the Egypt Centre in Swansea to aid students with their degrees and anyone interested in Ancient Egypt's History and Civilisation. 
This year we plan on hosting the following:
  • Multiple weekly study sessions that will support all students studying the subject
  • Weekly and fortnitely social distanced meet-ups, both drinking and non drinking based (pubs, beaches, pizza, games and film nights to name a few) 



President - Samuel-Jay Pulman

Secretary - Cody Cook

Social Secetary- Amy Foster


Ashmoleian trip
1st June 8am - 5pm
Join us on a trip to the Ashmolean Museum (Oxford)!