'Keep reading. It's one of the most marvellous adventures that anyone can have' - Lloyd Alexander

Hello and welcome to the English and Creative Writing society!

Home to a group of bookworms and budding writers, we aim to create and cultivate a community of readers and writers alike, of all disciplines and all genres. Our main events include:

  • A weekly Writer's Room, where creative writers can take part in prompt and flash fiction sessions, share their own pieces, and receive feedback. However, if you're more of a reader than a writer, feel free to come along and give your advice, feedback, or appreciation. 
  • Pub socials!
  • Movie evenings.
  • Quiz nights.

While our sessions are primarily in-person, all meetings will also be available as online zoom meetings that can be joined at the same time. While we encourage those who attend to write and take part, this is not a rule and there is no requirement or pressure to share what you have written, or even to have written anything at all. We welcome students of all levels and backgrounds, and all the creativity they may bring.

Current sessions include:

Thursday 6-7pm Writer's Rooms, accessible on zoom via discord or Facebook announcement links. Note that this is open to change however announcements will be made to keep everyone updated

Satueday 3-4pm Writer's Rooms, accessible via the same zoom links.

Sessions include prompt writing, discussion of books, and feedback on writings. Even if you do not share your writing, we encourage members to take part in the in-session writing in order to develop and gain confidence and practice.

Join our Facebook page or Discord server to keep up to date with scheduled events and society announcements.

Hope to see you there! 


President: Greg McArthur

Please note that due to timings the positions of Secretary and Treasurer are currently available, and an election for these roles is to be held within the first month of term.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at english@swansea-societies.co.uk

We can be reached via our Facebook page or alternatively at our discord server at https://discord.gg/SuzRYTyHuX