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Welcome to the Swansea Uni Jewish Society - a safe haven for all, whether Jewish or Non-Jewish. Together, we celebrate Jewish/Israeli culture through holidays whilst creating long-lasting friendships!


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About Us


We are the Swansea Jewish Society (JSOC). A friendly, fun and inclusive environment for both Jewish and non-Jewish students alike. Our main goal as a society is changing hearts & minds about the Jewish people and culture by ameliorating negative stereotypes, false beliefs, and countering antisemitism. We do this by showing the sceptical that Jewish people are deserving of respect and kindness like any other race and/or culture. We focus on friendships and supporting each other within the society whether we are Jewish or not as we are welcoming to all!

Together, we educate & celebrate the Jewish and Israeli holidays, festivals and customs through fun, joint activities throughout the academic year!


Our socials include a variety of things. From chill evenings, karaoke, parties, clubbing, Friday Night Dinner’s (FND’S), coordinating events with other JSOC universities and attending UJS (Union of Jewish Students) events – sometimes involving travel around the UK to celebrate the richness of Jewish cultures and traditions.


Chill evenings: usually involve hanging out as a group and enjoying each other’s company either at someone’s house or other location.

Friday Night Dinner’s (FNDs): take place fortnightly (once every 2 weeks), we usually book a room at Singleton Campus and enjoy a home-cooked meal together. We normally update you in our members group chat on ‘Facebook Messenger’. This is usually to spend time together and celebrate the coming of Shabbat (the Jewish day of rest). Note: If you have any dietary concerns, please let us know in the group chat (Messenger) or email us.

Jewish Cultures / Tradition: in the past we have celebrated or followed events such as Tu B’shvat, Purim, Passover, Lag Ba’Omer, Shavuot, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Chanukah, and many others.

Karaoke evenings: take place at JC’s Student Bar which hosts karaoke where everyone is welcome on Friday’s! It’s a chance to have a drink (or a few!) with friends, and is a great place to socialise with the society and meet new people too. We usually get together here and often take part in the karaoke events (we are The Sexy Jews) – but do not worry there is no pressure to get up on stage if you’re not comfortable to do so!

Parties / Clubbing: usually take place in Swansea City Centre in a club or two. We dance, drink, and socialise with one another!


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