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About Us

Welcome to the Swansea University Nursing Society (SUNS) Page

SUNS is a society run by and for student nurses, and anyone else who fancies coming along!

Throughout the year we'll be hosting a multitude of socials, including themed nights out, wild swims, beach BBQ's, indoor rock climbing, bowling, and maybe some more academic events too. We're also planning a Nursing Ball!

We want to host socials respectful of nursing students' unique make up, including mature students, parents, those living at home, those working part time, etc. Our variety of members makes the course so much greater, and we want to appreciate and accommodate this as best we can. So please, let us know if you have any ideas that you want to see come to life and we'll try our best to do so. 

SUNS is also active in Nursing's other campus, St David's Park, Carmarthen, and we'll be hosting socials nearer Carmarthen throughout the year. 

Any questions, please don't hesitate to shoot us an email at, or message us on Instagram or Facebook, @swanseanursingsoc