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Politics & IR

A society for any students who are interested in politics and international relations at Swansea University!


  • Politics & IR Standard Membership£5.00
  • Politics & IR Associate Membership£5.00

About Us

Swansea University Politics and International Relations Society


Your committee for 2023-24:

President: Victoria Rose
Secretary: Amy Lucas
Treasurer: Matt Stevens
Internal and External Events Officer: Max Pearson and Louis Carpenter
Social Secretary: Naomi Chun
Welfare Officer: Bronwyn Pritchard
Women's Officer: Poppy Anthony
About us
We are a society for anybody who studys subjects in the realm of Politics and International relations, as well as for anyone who is interested in politics and International relations. Becoming a member will enable you to learn more about politics and ir, improve your confidence in discussing these topics and it will enable you to meet coursemates and make friends!
What we do
Study groups and coffee socials: Join us most wednesday afternoons from 1-3 for a study group or a coffee social. Both are opportunities for you to get to know more of your coursemates. Whilst the coffee social is a good opportunity to get to have a good (sober) chat, whilst the study group is a good time to (finally) get some work done :)
Talks: We will also hold a range of talks over the academic year. These will range from being from external speakers and by academics within the university.
Fundraising and Volunteering: We also want to get involved in fundraising and volunteering. This will include fundraising events such as formals, pub quizzes and novelty events.
Socials: There will be frequent socials, including sober socials as well as socials where you can choose to drink. Socials are likely to range from activities like bowling, clubbing, JCs karoke and pub quizzes to walks in and around Swansea, cafe meetups, and pottery painting. Moreover, we hope to hold joint events with other societies. These may include talks, debates and fundraising events. Throughout the year, we will also be collaborating with other societies. 
The Angry Swan
We will also be beginning a blog, called the Angry Swan. We will frequently post news articles as well as deeper analysis posts. We will keep you updated about this on whatsapp as well as on our socials. Anyone is welcome to contribute, simply message one of our socials or drop us an email.
Join us: This list is not exhaustive, therefore if you would like to keep updated, then please join our whatsapp group chat and follow our socials.

We encourage anybody in any year of study to join our committee. By joining our committee, you will learn valuable, transferable skills that will be beneficial to you during and after your time at Swansea.

To register interest, or to find out more information about any of these positions, simply email and we will get back to you shortly.


Highly Commended - Society of the Year 2018 at the SU Awards



Evens Co-Ordinators
Louis Carpenter
Max Pearson
Victoria Rose
Amy Lucas
Matthew Stevens
Welfare officer
Bronwyn Pritchard
Women's Officer
Poppy Anthony


Politics & IR Tom Giffard Talk
1st December 5pm - 7pm
Faraday E, Singleton Campus
We are excited to announce that we will be hosting a talk with Conservative MS, Tom Giffard. The focus will be on his experiences with being in opposition in Welsh parliament, as well as some of his views on recent changes in Welsh policy.