Welcome to the Swansea University Roleplay Society. We are open to all students and associates (non-students). We run tabletop (paper and dice) roleplay games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Iron Kingdoms, Mutants and Masterminds, and many more, usually in groups of five to six. As well as that, we also run larger live action games, where players move about and 'act' their character more. We have intro sessions for both tabletop and LARP the week after freshers, along with a pitching session were players can sign up with the GMs of games they fancy for the year.

Games run fortnightly for the entire year, with breaks over the holidays. Most are run in Fulton House, 6-11pm Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, with games also running 2-6pm and 6-11pm on Sundays. We are in the process of organising more whole-society events, and they will be starting soon.

All announcements are usually made through the society facebook page, so make sure to sign up to that ( to stay informed of new events. Membership is £1 for students, and £1.50 for Associates (non-students), so please make sure to sign up using the option on this page.

Thanks for reading this, and we hope to see you in the society soon.

The Committee


Roleplay Society