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A student and associate society for tabletop and live-action roleplay games such as D&D.


  • Roleplay Standard Membership£3.00
  • Roleplay Associate Membership£3.00

About Us

Welcome to the Swansea University Roleplay Society. We help run tabletop (pencil, paper and dice) roleplay games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire: Masquerade, Pathfinder, and many more, usually in groups of five to six. We run a pitching session at the start of the year where players can sign up with the GMs of games they fancy for the year as well as an Intro session where people can dive into the world of Roleplaying!

We aim to host events at least once per month, ranging from large scale one shots, collaborations with other societies, or just a casual meetup, so join our discord or follow our social medias to find out when and what's happening.

Thanks for reading this, and we hope to see you in the society soon,

The Committee

(Welsh Translation coming soon)