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Swansea University's brand new Art Society!

Welcome! Some years ago, a few friends attended life drawing classes near Tesco, and though the locals present were friendly and experienced in the art department, the class's prices were climbing and the friends thought “hey, maybe there's more to art than just drawing naked people, however fun that may be?”. Cue Swansea University Art Society!

The intention of this society is to allow the people of Swansea to explore their creative sides, even if they didn't previously realise they had one. We will try to do this, firstly through life drawing classes, and then by exploring other mediums, maybe with the help of artists holding workshops, practice sessions and even going on trips to galleries (that probably not being in Swansea).

If you have any ideas or thoughts please message us, we're a growing society and we want to be communal! Watch this space!

President: Ruth Wareham

Secretary: Alexandra Jarratt

Treasurer: Jasmine Weedon