Investment and Finance
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Investment and Finance

Swansea University Investment and Finance Society (SUFS)


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  • Investment and Finance Associate Membership£5.00

About Us


Who we are?

The Investment and Finance Society is a student-led society, with strong ties to the School of Management and Student Union. Its our aim to improve our members understanding of the industry, provide opportunities and create a community focused around helping students better understand finance. We're open to all students, whether persuing a career in finance or just looking to improve their knowledge of personal finance hopefully we can help.

What to expect

We have a variety of things planned; including virtual trading events, guest speakers, weekly market updates and opportunities to compete in intra-university events. And of course we'll also be hosting non-sober and sober social events throughout the year. To network and have a bit of fun!

How to join

It's free! Just go to our Student union page and click on Standard membership. Make sure to follow our other socials to keep up-to date with everything.


Committee of 2023/24

President - Edward Hart

Secretary - Max Boullier King

Treasurer - Jacob Varela

Social Secretary - Kimberley Vlaeminck

Social Media Manager - Lucy Roberston

Welfare Officer - Daniella Hounsham



Edward Hart
Max Boullier King
Jacob Varela


Investment and Finance Christmas dinner (Pub on the pond)
27th November 7pm - 6th December 7pm
A special Christmas dinner hosted by the finance society, in the beautiful area of Mumbles within a traditional pub named 'Pub on the Pond' which is of interest to those who enjoy great quality food ranging from small appetizers to burgers.