Scheduling - The First Session is Free!!

Tuesdays 19:00 - Teaching; There will be multiple setups of different complexities with practiced DJ's familiar with a range of genre's. Don't hesitate to bring your own equipment, we can teach you how to use it! Any questions on DJ'ing in general or if you wish to find a committee member who can organise a DJ for you, please come along.


We aim to hold events every 6-8 weeks and sets will be available but for members only. However if you do not wish to purchase a membership all is not lost, expect open competitions with up-for-grabs sets!

Female DJ's - The Facts

There is a severe lack of female DJ's in the industry, so if you're a girl who's had second thoughts about DJing help us by letting us help you! Female DJ's like Annie Mac, Hannah Wants and Flava D bring a style that is unquestionably unique.

Bringing more female DJs into the limelight was a goal of one of our fellow DJs Ben Rees, who has since sadly passed away. Ben represented the best of us and as such the soceity will always promote his selfless aim.

After reading several statistics it's clear to see Bens goal is something all in the DJing industry should pay attention to:

Only 10% of performers at music festivals around the world are female.

All-male acts make up the overwhelming majority of festival lineups, ranging from 66 percent of all performers (Outside Lands and Governors Ball) to 93 percent (Electric Zoo).

Women Produce 9% of Electronic Music.


Thanks to:

 - Polymers own Jack and Felix for giving us a helping hand, go check them out at

- NTS Events for all the opportunities!

- Current SU President Gwyn Aled, and last years SU President Chisi Phiri for assisting in creating a pact betwen the SU and ourselves to help secure a more balanced DJ community in Swansea :)


Dj Society

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