Standard membership is for students at Swansea University.

Associate membership is for non-students/students at other universities.

Reflection of last year has taught the society most members are either looking for DJ sets or looking to learn. DJ Soc membership is now for DJ's who are ready to start playing out in clubs around Swansea. The society now acts as an agency for DJ's using our link with local clubs and events to help find you gigs. Society membership also includes full involvement in all the societies events like our new Rebound takeover, Bass In the Woods and other live streams/ socials that we run. You also get access to all our equipment that can be rented at a discounted rate. The second improvement was to create a specialised learning environment for those wanting to learn...

DJ School

The course is for a max of 10 people, it costs £60 and lasts a total of 6 weeks. That's just £10 a week!

So what do you get for that £60?

  • Get taught on a 1 to 1 level by some of Swansea's best DJ's.
  • Try various types of DJ gear and get the best advice on which equipment to buy.
  • You will be taught everything from music theory to beat matching by ear.
  • Get to know all the members of the society and have a mix and practise with us outside of lessons on our own professional grade decks.
  • Get your very own graduation party in one of Swansea's biggest clubs and show off your DJ skills to all your friends!
  • Learn how to run an event, make your own fliers, advertisements etc.

Please message the society's facebook page with any questions.


Bass In The Woods

A partnership between NTS Events, ourselves and many volunteers has allowed the development of a beast of a local rave. Capacity is increasing constantly, with the next due to be the biggest yet! Housed in a cottage with a generous garden on the outskirts of Swansea you can expect: Techno, House, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Bassline and Hard Tech with everything in between.

Concrete Junglists

Every Monday a large proportion of Swansea's Drum and Bass DJs gather to show their finest skills and selections. The first event sold out and stunned us with its atmosphere! So if you like DnB and want to support your local DJs whilst having a blast then come to find us in The Attic (above Walkabout) :)

Our own events/socials

A brand new night owned by the society is being introduced into the recently revamped Rebound, the society has been fortunate enough to be handed control of the SU club every  Saturday! Two rooms of pure electronic music all night long! More info on this soon!

Amongst all the chaos we will manage to squeeze in a more private social for an opportunity to get to know one another. Socials involve things like facebook live streams, parties and general mixing sessions.

Female DJ's - The Facts

There is a severe lack of female DJ's in the industry, so if you're a girl who's had second thoughts about DJing help us by letting us help you! Female DJ's like Annie Mac, Hannah Wants and Flava D bring a style that is unquestionably unique.

Bringing more female DJs into the limelight was a goal of one of our fellow DJs Ben Rees, who has since sadly passed away. Ben represented the best of us and as such the society will always promote his selfless aim.

After reading several statistics it's clear to see Bens goal is something all in the DJing industry should pay attention to:

  • Only 10% of performers at music festivals around the world are female.

  • All-male acts make up the overwhelming majority of festival lineups, ranging from 66% of all performers (Outside Lands and Governors Ball) to 93% (Electric Zoo).

  • Women Produce 9% of Electronic Music.


Thanks to:

-Concrete Junglists for the logo and constants support to the scene.

- NTS Events for all the opportunities!

- Current SU President Gwyn Aled, and last years SU President Chisi Phiri for assisting in creating a pact between the SU and ourselves to help secure a more balanced DJ community in Swansea :)


Dj Society

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