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At Swansea Esports, we focus on competitive gaming! Our teams focus on many games, such as: CS:GO, Rainbow 6 Siege, Apex Legends, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, & Valorant!


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  • Esports Associate Membership£2.99

About Us


At Swansea Esports we welcome gamers and eSports enthusiasts of all levels; you don’t need to have won a trophy, or some grand big national tournament to join our teams, anyone and everyone is welcome here. Whether you’re a casual player or the second coming of s1mple, we'll have a team for you! Our trials for teams are held in late September and October to prepare for the first tournaments in the winter (There will be other opportunities throughout the year to join teams, so don't panic if you're a bit late to the party!). Our events over the year include:

• 24 Hour LAN events in collaboration with the Swansea Gaming Society (SGS)
• Esports tournaments (National University Esports League, National Students Esports, Belong Arena Clash, & ESL)
• Viewing parties for big gaming events (such as E3)
• Inhouses organised by Game Reps
• Potential trips to student tournaments across the UK

2023/24 Committee:
 President: Rishi "rsage" Mistry
:memo: Secretary: Callum "Meteora" Powell
:money_bag: Treasurer: Ryan "Banana" Lewis
:ticket: Events Manager: Adel "Adel" Youssef
:at_sign: Social Media Manager: Benedict "GoluMolu" Lux
:clapper: Content Coordinator: Therese "Frosties" Elnar

2023/24 Game Reps:
:Apex: Apex Legends Rep: Kieran "Five" Robinson
 CS:GO Rep: Michael "SpiKey" Unsworth
Dota 2 Rep: Brychan "Hectic" Miller
Fighting Games Rep: Rhys "Mellow" Brooks
:LoL~1: League of Legends Rep: Morgan "Morgan" Edwards
:OW2: Overwatch 2 Rep: Kaiden "MortaKai" McGowan
  Rainbow 6 Siege Rep: Mustafa "SirClypse" Koca
:RL: Rocket League Rep: Joshua" Joshuwa" Price
:VALORANT: Valorant Rep: Ryan "Banana" Lewis

Swansea Esports Related Pages:
:website: Website:
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Competition Links:
:NUEL: National University Esports League: Website - Discord
:NSE~1: National Student Esports: Website - Discord
:1UKVThumb: UK Uni Valorant: Discord
:USL: R6S University League: Discord
:UFG: University Fighting Games: Discord


Apex Legends Rep
Kieran Robinson
Content Coordinator
Therese Elnar
Michael Unsworth
Events Manager
Adel Youssef
League of Legends Rep
Morgan Edwards
Overwatch Rep
Kaiden McGowan
Rishi Mistry
Rainbow Six Siege Rep
Mustafa Koca
Rocket League Rep
Joshua Price
Callum Powell
Social Media Manager
Benedict Lux
Ryan Lewis
Valorant Rep
Ryan Lewis