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At Swansea Esports, we focus on competitive gaming! Our teams focus on many games, such as: CS:GO, DOTA 2, PUBG, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow 6 Siege, Rocket League & Valorant!


You don’t have to win a trophy to join our teams as anybody is welcome – if you’re a casual player or a diehard, high ranking player, we'll have a team for you! Our trials for teams are held in late September and October to prepare for the first tournaments in the winter. Our events over the year include:

• Entering esports tournaments such as the National University Esports League, the National Students Esports leagues, Belong Arena Clash & ESL
• Viewing parties for big events such as E3
• Multiple 24hr LAN’s each semester in collaboration with the Swansea Gaming Society*
• Trips to student tournaments such as Southampton's Southlander and Manchester's King of the North*

21/22 Committee:
:tophat:President: Katie "SpaceWhale" West
:moneybag:Treasurer: Gus "Aozin" Johnston
:pencil:Secretary: Lewis "North" North
:clapper:Broadcast Coordinator: Toby "Toby" Campbell
:at_sign: Social Media Manager: Ben "GoluMolu" Lux
:CSGO~2: CS:GO Rep: Josh "Skribs" Bembridge
:dota2: Dota 2 Rep: Ben "Asmondia" Maddison
:LoL~1: League of Legends Rep: Thomas "Arctic" Romain
 :Siege:   Rainbow 6 Siege Rep: Elia "Spack" Pym
:RL: Rocket League Rep: Elliot "CYSGOD" Brooking
:VALORANT: Valorant Rep: Alex "Fence" Gregory
:Variety: Variety Games Rep: Cory "ItsJustCory" Lagdon

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Important Links:
:NUEL: National University Esports League: Website - Discord
:NSE~1: Our National Student Esports page: Website - Discord
:1UKVThumb: UK Uni Valorant: Discord
:USL: R6S University League: Discord
:UFG: University Fighting Games: Discord

*COVID-19 permitting, stay safe!