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About Us

We are Swansea University's Tamil Society! 

Over the last couple of years Swansea University has seen a steady increase in student 
numbers. This increasing student community is a reflection of the multicultural society that 
we live. It has brought about the increase in the number of Tamils joining the university. To 
reflect these numbers we have decided to create a society where people can gather and 
enjoy all the delights the culture offers. The noun ‘Tamil’ refers to a language and a cultural 
identity. Although there is high concentration of Tamils in its native home in Sri Lanka and 
Southern India, there is a vast distribution of Tamils across the world. The vast majority of 
Tamils in the UK are first or second generation born to parents who migrated from the 
1960’s onwards.
1. Provide opportunities for one to fully immerse themselves in Tamil culture and 
2. To encourage conversation on what it means to be a British Tamil.
3. Have an active role in promoting the Tamil culture on campus.
4.  Engage on platforms to promote multiculturalism and equality for all.
I. Short Term
  • In the short term the committee would like to establish a strong cultural society, 
work on membership numbers and hold an annual Ball in celebration of Tamil 
II. Long  Term
  • To have an established society, hosting numerous events per year.  
  • To collaborate with  other societies locally and nationally to organise legacy 
          events such as Asian Celebration, Diwali Celebration, Tamil New year 
         celebration and Legacy balls. 
  • To offer help and support to students in the Tamil community on career 
           advice, application support and general pastoral support.
           We encourage feedback from our members and are open to any suggestions/ideas you 
          have for the society.
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Events Manager
Naveen Ramesh
Vijay Seenithevar Ajeethkumar
Karthick Jayachandran
Deepa Satish