Maintaining Healthy Sexual Relationships

There are a range of ways in which you can maintain healthy sexual relationships which in turn protects yourself and others from risks to your body. Some ways that this can be done are as follows:

  1. Sexual Aftercare - This ranges from procedures that individuals can do such as urinating after sex to avoid 'UTI' to working together as a couple or two individuals by discussing and acknowledging the encounter to ensure that all participants are comfortable with what occurred. It is crucial that all parties involved undergo personal care such as showering, urinating, and keeping hydrated.
  2. Communication - This is an essential factor of any sexual encounter because communication ensures that each party is comfortable, happy, and secure with their sexual encounter. Communication is important to establish boundaries in sexual encounters and in turn helps partners understand one and other better as well as each other’s likes, dislikes, limits and what each feels comfortable with.
  3. Boundaries - Sexual boundaries are how far an individual is willing to take what they do within a sexual encounter or physically. It is essential that partners understand each other’s boundaries before a sexual encounter to avoid any risk of feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed. Boundaries can be established through communicating with your partner, it is therefore important to understand and respect other sexual boundaries as well as your own.
  4. Contraception - Contraception is an effective and safe method to use during safe sex, it significantly reduces the risk of unplanned pregnancies, 'STD'. To be used effectively, condoms must be used correctly and every time you have sex so it would be encouraged to read the instructions on the box and make sure you have a condom handy if you are going to have sex.
  5. Safe Words - This is an extremely effective way in which boundaries and communication between partners comes into play. Establishing a 'safe word' is a way of ensuring that both partners understand and respect the other, and the mutual agreement that once the safe word is spoken, the interaction must stop. Some couples choose humorous words as their safe words to make light of the situation whereas others choose direct words to assure the end of the encounter.