Sexually Transmitted Diseases

What are STD’s? STD’s are known as sexually transmitted diseases that spread through unprotected sexual interactions such as vaginal, oral and anal sex. What is the importance in regular testing? Regular testing ensures that the health of yourself and others is preserved during sexual encounters. It also prevents the spread of STD’s and if an individual has an STD this can be treated as early as possible and recovered. Where can I get tested for STD’s? If you think that you have an STD, contact your GP, local sexual health clinic, or genitourinary medicine clinic. Some places in Swansea that offer these services are: • Central Clinic • Info-Nation • Cervical Screening Wales • Singleton Hospital • University Health Centre Swansea How to avoid STD’s: • Use condoms during every act of sexual intercourse • Get regularly tested • Test after every different sexual partner • Avoid sharing towels or underwear • Wash before and after intercourse