A Welcome from your Elected Full-Time Officers for 2022-23

What is an elected Officer?
We have six elected Full-Time Officers (FTO’s) who are students elected each year by the fellow student body. The job of an FTO is to represent students when it comes to ALL things Uni-related. They make the University aware of issues important to you, run campaigns to celebrate our student's community, and fight your corner.
Basically, their mission (along with the SU in general) is to give you the best experience possible while you’re a student here in in Swansea. As well as, providing you with all the opportunities possible to succeed in what comes after you leave Swansea. So, if you have any questions, drop them a message at fto@swansea-union.co.uk
Welcomes from the FTO’s.
Here are a few personal welcomes from your FTO’s for 2022-23.
President – Esyllt Rosser
Hi everyone! My name is Es, and I am so excited to be your SU President this year. We can’t wait to welcome you here with us in Swansea! We have so much to look forward to this year - especially ‘Freshers Fortnight’ where your Students Union will be running some of the biggest and best Freshers events in the country (there really is something for everyone). There are so many ways that you can get involved with your SU throughout the fortnight, See you on Wind St!
Sports Officer – Jonny Davies
Hello, my name is Jonny and I’m the Sports Officer for 2022-23! I can’t wait to see you scoring goals, shooting hoops, running in the trials and getting active at Swansea this year. We offer roughly 56 different sports, so there will surely be something you love here at Swansea Un. It’s as easy as going on to our SU website swansea-union.co.uk and picking one! Being a fresher can be daunting, but if you try as many things as possible you are bound to find friends and an activity you’ll love. I expect to see you all at our GWA Wednesday events and Rugby 1’s matches on St. Helens grounds. Uppa Swans! #WeAreGWA
Societies & Services Officer - Gwern
Shwmae Pawb! I’m Gwern, and I’m your Societies & Services Officer for this year! Societies range from culture to hobbies, academic to faith, performing to politics and so on...I recommend that you find what fits best for you! During Freshers Fayre at Singleton, you’ll get the opportunity to speak to all our societies, and if you don't catch them, all their information is available on our SU website! I hope you have an incredible year!
Education Officer – Izaak Morris
Hi, my name is Izaak, and I am the Education Officer for this year! I run the rep system, which is responsible for giving you a voice and works towards improving your academic life. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, you can run to become a rep through our SU website - elections open in early October, and we will be at Freshers fayre during the fresher's fortnight! Check out our SU social media and website for more details.
Welfare Officer – Abigail Egwuatu
Hey, my name is Abigail, and I am the Welfare Officer for 2022-23. I am thrilled to welcome you to Swansea university! I am here to support students with issues regarding housing, safety, mental health and many others. I’m also available if you just need a chat ?? in addition, the Students Union has an Advice and Support service which provides free and confidential advice and representation – you can reach them at advice@swansea-union.co.uk
Welsh Affairs – Tom Kemp
Shwmae! I’m Tom, and I’m your Welsh Affairs Officer for this year…Croeso i Abertawe! Welcome to Swansea! My main responsibility is to promote the Welsh language, heritage and culture. If you’d like to get involved and learn the Welsh language for free during your time here at Swansea, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me or swing around to our Welsh Welcome event during Freshers Week to find out more!
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