Costcutter's doing bits for Cost-of-Living

Did you know that Costuctter now offers a 'Cost-of-Living Crisis' friendly priced food and household range? Click to read more.


We have all seen ASDA’s ‘Just Essentials’ Range with the famous yellow packaging, but did you know Costcutter are offering a similar scheme? Students are one of the hardest hit groups by the Cost-of-Living Crisis, but Costcutter has recognised this by introducing a more pocket friendly range ready for you to purchase. In store you’ll be able to find general household items as well as food at a discounted rate. 

Not only have Costcutter introduced their pocket friendly range, but they have also been a big supporter and helping hand with the Swansea Uni Student Union’s ‘Free Breakfasts’. Over the last few months, the SU have run several ‘Free Breakfast’ campaigns on both Singleton Campus and Bay Campus, providing students with a free breakfast which they may not be able to afford otherwise. Costcutter have been a big support with the ‘Free Breakfasts’ by providing endless amounts of pastries and cereal for students and will continue to support these events to ensure students are able to access food and goods that they otherwise may be struggling to afford. Keep your eyes out for the instore budget range and Costcutter products at the next SU ‘Free Breakfast’ event. 

Swansea University Students' Union