Freshers Flu Survival Guide

Freshers Flu is real and it's coming for you ...

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You've moved in. You've enrolled. You aren't thinking about your first lectures yet - you've got too much to do before then. There are people to meet, Pot Noodles to eat, and hangovers to endure! But wait ... is that a cough?!

Freshers Flu

The first week at University is a big melting pot of people, cultures, accents, and ... germs. You'll meet people from different towns, different cities, and even different countries, and that means you'll be exposed to things you may not have come into contact with before. On top of all of this, the stress and excitement of your first time away from home, combined with (let's be honest here) more alcohol and junk food than you're usually used to, will leave your immune system vulnerable and susceptible to the legendary - and dreaded - Freshers Flu. 

The Fresher's Flu is real - you can't hide from it. Once it sets its stuffy little eyes on you, it will stop at nothing until you are under its spell. Here's what to look out for:


  • Shivering
  • Sneezing
  • Headache
  • Dry cough
  • Fever
  • General grogginess

If you - or a housemate - have any of these symptoms and you're getting serious FOMO, fear not. Here's what you can do to quickly remedy FF:

  • Sleep!
  • Drink lots of water (and avoid the booze)
  • Make an effort to eat healthily (including adding some vitamins or a cheap Berrocca knockoff to your morning routine)
  • Don't smoke - it will irritate your throat

The reality is, most uni students succumb to the Freshers Flu at some point. You won't want to miss out on nights out, but the more you look after yourself (rest, drinking water, eating healthily) the better chance you have of getting over FF quickly and getting back to normal.

Swansea University Students' Union