Moving Out Checklist

Whether you're at the end of your first year or an experienced mover, we've put some tips and tricks together to make the moving-out experience a little easier

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Maybe it's your first time moving out of student accommodation, or maybe you've been in rented housing for a while - here's a home truth. Moving is tough. According to 57% of us, it's one of life's most stressful events so here at your Students' Union, we want to try and make it a little bit easier for you by putting together some tips and tricks to help with the process.

Begin at the beginning

You've given your notice period to your landlord - what now?

  • It's time to dig out your tenancy agreement and check for any moving-out procedures
  • It's important that you follow these as you could end up losing some of your deposit if you fail to follow them

Check Mate

So you've found the tenancy agreement - it's time to have a look at that inventory checklist

  • Make sure all the items on the list are back in their original rooms
  • Fair wear and tear will be taken into account 
  • The cost of damage to furniture or property, or if there are any missing items from the inventory, will be deducted from your deposit

Be Prepared

Where possible, it's always best to give yourself a headstart and plan ahead

  • Make a note of the description of each room in the tenancy agreement and check what cleaning is required
  • Ensure that the rooms are back up to the same level of cleanliness in the agreement
  • Start packing sooner rather than later - around two weeks before you move
  • Think about the household items you don't use day-to-day and start with these
  • You want to be left with as little as possible to pack on moving day - it will be much clearer to see how much cleaning you'll need to do
  • Check the last bin collection day and make sure you get your rubbish out by this date

Get on the phone

Take note of any bills and update your details

  • Call your electricity, gas, internet and water providers to let them know that you're moving
  • Contact TV Licencing to let them know your change of address or to claim money back if you're moving back home for the summer

Give it away

Don't leave anything behind - if you have items to get rid of you can donate them

Clothing, books, furniture

  • Instead of chucking out clothing, books or furniture you no longer need, consider donating them. We have clothing donation points on both Bay and Singleton campuses if you want to donate
  • If you want to make a bit of money to help towards the cost of moving, try selling your clothing or books on second-hand websites or apps. This really goes a long way to reducing your carbon footprint and puts some cash in your pocket


  • You may well find that you have a bit of a surplus of food when you're moving out. We will have a food bank donation point on campus where you can drop off the food you won't get around to eating so that it doesn't go to waste. You'll find a food bank donation bin at the front of Costcutter (by the tills) & at the FTO offices in the Faraday building on Singleton campus, and you can drop off any food parcels or donations at the reception at Y Twyni on Bay campus

On the day

Your life is in boxes, you've cleaned and cleaned (and cleaned) - what next? Here's a list of things to check off before you say goodbye

  • Take final meter readings
  • Make sure all the rubbish has been taken out - if you have missed the last bin collection, then take the remaining rubbish with you
  • Check that all furniture is back in its original position
  • Take photos to show that you have cleaned the house
  • Read over the inventory to make sure that you haven't missed anything
  • When you leave, do a once round and ensure all windows and doors are locked


It's not just your housemates that will lose out on the deposit if they don't clean - you will, too. Make sure the house is clean and tidy before moving out, regardless of whether you want to do it or not.

Don't be afraid to chase your deposit if you don't hear anything after moving out - it's your right to chase if you haven't heard back. You can also challenge the decision if you dispute any deductions.

While this can be a stressful time, planning ahead can make things a bit easier - if you are feeling overwhelmed during the moving period, get in touch with our Advice and Support centre.

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