Societies and Services Officer
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Societies and Services Officer

Ronnie Kowalska

As societies and services officer, Ronnie will be supporting all of the SU’s societies, in addition to overseeing and having a say on the running of all of the Union’s services. These services include JC’s, Rebound, Costcutter, Root, Nursery and the Advice and Support centre. She also sits and chairs the Society Exec Committee, in which they ensure all the societies are fairly represented.


From Your Officer

Ronnie Kowalska

I’m beyond excited about the upcoming academic year. I’m so passionate about enriching the student experience by working closely with societies and planning new exciting events and activities. I’m most looking forward to working closely with the University on improving student spaces and services.” 


Roles and Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities

I advocate for student clubs and services, voicing their needs to the university. Collaborating with peers and staff, I enhance campus life through events, campaigns, and projects. As a bridge between students and the university, I shape policies to strengthen societies and elevate services. My leadership ensures dynamic community participation, nurturing an inclusive, connected, and flourishing campus environment.


What I'm Working On

Ensure the return of the SU Nightclub is smooth and personalized to cater to students

In Progress


1. Providing more opportunities for societies to utilize the space 

2. Feedback from students on how they want the club to look and operate 

3. Hold relevant stakeholders to account and ensure key deadlines are met with the timely opening of the club 

4. Ensure students are updated on the progress of the reopening


Integrating Singleton and Bay Campuses

Early Stages


  1. Have more of an Officer presence on Bay Campus 
  2. Encourage Societies to hold more events and socials on Bay Campus
  3. Work on having more bookable rooms on Bay Campus for Societies 
  4. Increase SU presence on Bay Campus 
  5. Work with Tafarn Tawe to improve student experience


More points of contact between the SU and Societies

Early Stages


1. Ensure more help articles are uploaded to the Union's help desk

2. Ensure biannualy development meetings with Societies are held 

3. Hold drop-in sessions with Societies

4. Ensure engagement with Societies through social media

5. Open door policy


Bring Societies on par with Sports

In Progress


1. Get societies involved with key events (Varsity, Summer Ball, etc.

2. More incentives and opportunities for Societies to be on par with Sports

3. Ensure a similar calendar for Sports and Societies

4. Ensure there are more rewards and awards similar to Sports Clubs

5. Ensure that development meetings are held biannualy on par with Sports 

Feedback from Students on SU venues

Early Stages


1. Engage with Students about what they want to see in SU venues

2. Analyse feedback 

3. Feedback to venues and influence over stock 

4. Analyse sales figures to inform decisions 

Equal Representation for International Students

Early Stages


1. Ensure International Students are sign posted to the correct places and know where to seek help from if needed

2. Ensure more opportunities are provided for international students to get involved with Societies

3. Promote and host more Faith and Culture Event

4. Promote SU venues as a bookable space and a job opportunity 

Ensure Societies' Committees are more financially responsible

In Progress


1. Additional training for relevant Committee members

2. Ensure Committee members are sign posted to the correct article on Help Desk

Introduce Student Interns into the SU



1. Work with Swansea Employabilioty Academy and School Engagement Leads

2. Ensure more opportunities are provided for academic societies for employability opportunities

3. Analyse the SU for areas of improvement and offer opportunities for student interns