Football (Bay 5 a-side)
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About Us

Mens/Open league players register for more information here

Womens league players register for more information here 
Fixtures and League Tables

2023/24 Tuesday League (Open) Table and Fixtures
2023/24 Sunday League (Open) Table and Fixtures

2023/24 Wednesday League (Mens) Table and Fixtures
2023/24 Thursday League (Mens) Table and Fixtures

2023/24 Monday League (Womens) Table and Fixtures

Where and When

Womens: Mondays 19:00-22:00

Open: Tuesdays 19:00-22:00, Sundays 12:00-15:00

Mens: Wednesdays 14:00-17:00, Thursdays 19:00-22:00

All fixtures take place under floodlights at the MUGAs on Bay Campus

Registering a New Team 

2023 - 24 Season

Registration for Bay 5-a-side Football League Semester 1 Here.
Please note Tuesday & Thursday is now full

Registration operates on a first come first served basis with a capacity of 12 teams per night.

  • £120 per team - 1 Friendly and 8 Fixtures (League/Playoff) and one match football per team
  • Only teams who have confirmation they have a space should purchase the team entry 
  • Sign up as a player on Playwaze and join your team

Term 1 league fixtures start from Monday 9th October until Sunday 10th December

All players must have both Bay 5-a-side Membership and Sport Swansea Social League Membership.

League Format

12 teams take part in the Bay 5-a-side league for each night.

Fixtures are 40 minutes long, with 2 x 20 minute halves.

The Fixture is as follows:

Each slot will last for one hour. 5 minutes warm up, 20 minute first half, 10 minute half time, 20 minute second half.


The league will be run under FA rules and regulations for the most part. Shin pads and appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. Rolling substitutes are allowed and wait behind the goal to replace at dead balls.

Five players per team, teams with less than four players automatically forfeit the game.

No referee is allocated – it is up to the teams playing each other to adhere to the rules and settle any dispute amicably.

If the ball goes out of play. The ball should be returned to the team in possession.

No slide tackles

Each keeper must stay in their area at all times. If the goalkeeper leaves the area, a free kick will be awarded.

No other player is allowed in the area, if a defending player touches the ball in his own area then a penalty to the opposition team must be awarded.

If a player steps in the opposing team’s area, a goal kick will be awarded.

Team captains are responsible for keeping time, and for keeping the score. A final score must be agreed on at the end of the match.


Any disputes will be settled by your league’s organiser, any teams regularly involved in disagreements/scuffles will be docked points then removed from the league.



Callum Pink


  • Football (Bay 5 a-side) Tuesday League Semester 1£120.00
  • Football (Bay 5 a-side) Thursday League Semester 1£120.00
  • Football (Bay 5 a-side) Sunday League Semester 1£120.00
  • Football (Bay 5 a-side) Monday League Semester 1£120.00
  • Football (Bay 5 a-side) Wednesday League Semester 1£120.00