Football (Social 11-a-side)
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Football (Social 11-a-side)


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About Us

Registering as a Player

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Fixtures and League Tables

2023/24 Wednesday League (Mens) Table and Fixtures

Where and When

Mens: Wednesdays 13:00 or 14:45 Kick Off

All fixtures take place either at Fairwood 3G or Underhill Park 3G.

Registering a New Team 

2023 - 24 Season

Register your interest here if you wish to enter an 11-a-side Football Team for 2023/24.

Please note pre-existing teams will have first priority, but with enough interest we would look to secure a 2nd 11-a-side league

  • £1200 per team 
  • Sign up as a player on Playwaze and join your team

Term 1 league fixtures start from Wednesday 18th October until Wednesday 6th December
Term 2 league fixtures start from Wednesday 31st January until Wednesday 13th March

All players must have both 11-a-side Membership and Sport Swansea Social League Membership.

League Format

12 teams take part in the 11-a-side league.

Fixtures are 90 minutes long, with 2 x 45 minute halves.

The Fixture is as follows:

Each slot will last for one hour 45 minutes. 5 minutes warm up, 45 minute first half, 10 minute half time, 45 minute second half.


Wednesday League

Friendly 18/10/2023
League 1 25/10/2023
League 2 01/11/2023
League 3 08/11/2023
League 4 15/11/2023
League 5 22/11/2023
League 6 29/11/2023
League 7 06/12/2023
Spare Week 13/12/2023
Christmas Break Christmas Break
League 8 31/01/2024
League 9 07/02/2024
League 10 14/02/2024
League 11 21/02/2024
Cup 1 28/02/2024
Cup 2 06/03/2024
Cup 3 13/03/2024
Spare Week 20/03/2024
Easter Break Easter Break



Current Teams

Costa Del Swan - is a long standing pedigree intramural team with roots stretching back to 2016 when the team was founded by Charlie Wright.

The team has seen consistent success in recent years, notably winning the Sketty Cup 20/21 and finishing in first place before COVID cut the league short that fateful year. Last year, the team made the Cup final, but unfortunately this fixture never took, place leaving the lads to wonder what could have been. 

We offer a competitive environment with a firm focus on winning every game. We take our football seriously and aim for results on the field so that we can earn our off field shenanigans. Socials occur once every other week, and there will be an end of season awards and dinner to celebrate the season.

Costa has a rich history of tours abroad with notable visits to the Czech Republic and Poland. Last season, the squad travelled to Denmark and became winners of the Pokalfinale, beating Danish intramural teams and conquering the land. 4 bucs team players joined us for the trip, including first team captain Nathaniel Townsend. We were the only team to travel abroad and now turn our attention to Spain for our next end of season trip.

There may also be the opportunity to represent Swansea University at a football tournament against other Welsh universities in Mid-Wales, something which the squad took part in last year.

Please take a moment to check out our Instagram @costadelswanfc, which is the best run intramural instagram page by the way.

St Helen's Unathletic - If you are looking for regular competitive football with weekly socials then St Helens unathletic is for you. Last year St Helens finished 5th in the league and are looking to build on this strong position for next season. We have multiple sponsorships sorted for this season to improve our Wednesday nights out including free entry to a club. We have merged with newly found team unathletico and so are feeling confident about this season. If you’re interested please DM on our Instagram. IG:sthelensunathletic

SUFC Greens - The greens have kept most of their players from last season and are looking to be really competitive, going for the title this season. We’re only looking to sign a few good players to help us bulk out the squad and challenge for the league and cup. We also go out most Wednesdays doing different socials and also integrate with the other intramural teams for the big socials throughout the year.

Hangover - Hangover are one of the most consistently high performing teams in the intramural football league while also maintaining a great social life with great turnouts every Wednesday. These include themed socials, for example pub golf, table tennis and themed champions league and Christmas socials. You should join us if you want to win and enjoy yourself while doing it, if that’s not your aim look elsewhere.

Blackboard - After a difficult season last year, blackboard are looking to bounce back and become a new force under new captaincy. We have a good core group who played together last year but we’re open to welcoming new additions into the team. This year we are looking to build as a group with more social events outside of games so you’ll get to know the team on and off the pitch. Our main priority this year is to make playing football enjoyable and the wins will come with it.


Oliver Herschel
Patrick Murphy
James Timewell
Vice President
Sean Dagois


  • Football (Social 11-a-side) - Costa Del Swans£60.00
  • Football (Social 11-a-side) - Hangover 96£24.00
  • Football (Social 11-a-side) - St Helens Unathletic£47.00
  • Football (Social 11-a-side) - Blackboard Rovers£72.00
  • Football (Social 11-a-side) - SUFC Reds£53.00
  • Football (Social 11-a-side) - Sketty Kebabs£75.00
  • Football (Social 11-a-side) - Ladzio£75.00
  • Football (Social 11-a-side) - SUFC Greens£59.00
  • Football (Social 11-a-side) - SPR£65.00
  • Football (Social 11-a-side) - Ps and Bs£75.00
  • Football (Social 11-a-side) - Swansealona£57.50
  • Football (Social 11-a-side) - The Eastern Nails£75.00