Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is a martial art based on a traditional style which originated in medieval Japan with the samurai and has been updated to be effective in modern defence and combat environments. It comprises of a system of throws, joint locks and strikes to quickly diffuse situations from escalating. Jitsu is based on the principal of using an aggressor's energy against them, meaning it is suitable for all levels of experience and fitness. All Jitsu classes are entry level and are conducted in a non-intimidating atmosphere aimed at building confidence and skill in unison. 

Every session offers new physical and mental challenges designed to equip you to handle any situation. After your first few months you will be capable of defending yourself from a variety of weapons and multiple attackers. Jitsu gives you a sound understanding of how to manipulate the human body while remaining calm.

Each session begins with a thorough warm up followed by a minor gymnastics and Ukemi (break-falls) to prepare the body. A number of techniques will be taught in a step by step comprehensible manner until you have mastered them. They will then be tested in simulated defence encounters or competition.

By joining Swansea Jitsu you will become a member of the TJJF a nationally accredited martial arts organization that ensures the highest and most authentic level of Jitsu teaching. Being a member of this organization allows you to train at over a 100 dojos across the country and many more worldwide.

Jitsu is a great way to get fit. Through self-defence activities and learning, you will improve both cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength, allowing greater utilisation of fats in the body. In each session you'll burn hundreds of calories...the more you put in, the more you get out!

Club Achievements

Swansea Jiu Jitsu regularly achieves medals in the TJJF's two national competitions a year in both male and female categories.

Last year Jitsu helped organize a women's self-defence day to raise money for victims of domestic abuse. This was nominated by the Student's Union for Best Student Led Event.

Due to Swansea's thriving performance and member commitment we are regularly chosen to hold the Welsh Nationals, where we host clubs from across the country.

Social Life

Swansea Jitsu is the key factor in organising socials for all the martial arts at Swansea throughout the year including the white t-shirt social and the Christmas dinner.

We offer a range of events from organising themed nights out, such as the opportunity to earn your black belt in partying through our pub grading to martial arts movie nights. Non-alcoholic nights are also on offer. We love a good meal out or going nuts at play zone and lazer zone!



Swansea University Jiu Jitsu welcomes beginners; your first session is FREE. Every session you bring a new friend is also FREE. Any fresher who gets five friends to purchase a membership wins a FREE GI.

Sessions are £4 (Cheaper monthly/termly rates available ~ £2 per session)


Training times:

Wednesdays 5-7pm

Friday 5-7pm

Sunday 2-4pm


Sports Pavilion, Sports Village (Sketty Lane).


Anyone and everyone! You don't need any experience to join, just turn up in sports clothing or lose clothing.

Membership is £4, the cheapest of all martial arts clubs (2016/17), see link opposite

See you on the mat!

email: jiujitsu@swansea-sports.co.uk