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A supportive community for Vegans and Vegetarians at Swansea Uni, providing socials and other events including outreach and demonstrations. As well as help for transitioning and new veggies and vegans

A supportive community for Vegetarians and Vegans at Swansea Uni, we aim to provide help for vegans and vegetarian's new to Swansea. We want to do this by providing:

      - Regular socials, exploring all of the current and new vegan eateries in and around Swansea, and hopefully be able to do some new and exciting activities this year too.

      - Providing regular information and support online on facebook and other social medias, to help out everyone with their veggie living, as we all know it can be tough sometimes!!

      - Taking part in local and national vegan and environmental demo's. Usually alongside other already founded activist groups locally. Such as Swansea Vegan Action (a fb group that focus on all of the glorious activist parts of being a vegan and caring to the environment around us. Ask to join here 


Also join the Swansea Vegans page for things not just related to the university group, and meet likeminded individuals in the local community: