President is Callum Brennan 

Co-President is Izaak Morris

The social secretary is Kathleen Speller

General secretary is Maddy Young

The treasurer is Olivia Shellard


We are the Secret Society,

Our mission is to provide a themed Illuminati- style experience in a fun setting, where students can feel safe and secure. We will provide a range of themed socials and events, most of which will be free to attend for a member and will include such things as code trails, weekly prize puzzles, the use of singleton park and the city for such things as wide games (think Camp Half-Blood from the Percy Jackson series), walks to fun locations in the dark and pub crawls and group nights out to Sin and Wind Street.

If you're a fresher, don't worry! We have a big range of events and socials planned to help you find your way around Swansea, make new friends and have a lot of fun before youy begin working towards your dreams. These activities and socials are sure to continue throughout the year, so keep an ear out! 

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Instagram- swansecsoc

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Twitter- Swansea Uni Secret Society -@swansea_uni