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The neurodivergent society is for anyone who is neurodivergent, for friends, and somewhere for you to feel safe


  • Neurodivergent Society Standard Membership£2.00
  • Neurodivergent Society Associate Membership£2.00

About Us


to the neurodivergent society for all neurodivergent people where you can come and feel safe &; where you will get two know other people like you who have a neurodiverse and so that you have safe space so it doesn't feel so overwhelming in university life this will be fun, safe space where you can come and just relax whit being afraid of any judgment  and you get to choose what we do that that week it will be on Tuesday in Singleton and Thursday in bay campus


Croeso gymdeithas niwro-ddargyfeiriol ar gyfer pob person niwrowahanol lle gallwch chi ddod a theimlo;lle byddwch chi dod i adnabod pobl eraill fel chi sydd niwroamrywioldeb fel bod gennych chi le diogel fel nad yw teimlo mor llethol ym mywyd y brifysgol

You do not need an official diagnosis to join the group


Rose Lewis
Social Media Secretary
Ej King
Etienne Hookey