Swansea University Skate Society is now in its third year as a society, and we hope to expand on our succes's of previous years by bringing more varied sessions and sick socials.

  • If you have paid you membership then follow this link to our FB group:

Why join & what do we do?

We have recently transitioned from a longobard society that was mainly focused on downhill, freeride, dancing and cruising. Last year we found that we just ended up skating everything, the people that come along to the sesions enjoy the freedom to ride and skate how they want to. We decided that a skateboard is a skateboard and we love them all!

So if you want to Skate, Slide, Ollie, Pop, Pump, Cruise, Flip, Stomp or Shred then join Swansea Skate!

As a society we are hoping to set up trips, events and other great activities with other universities. We also have a lot of great socials set up, including longboard bar crawls, skate movie nights & trampoline parks!


The sessions are currently set up for:   Weekend sesh at exist indoor skatepark and Wednesday after lunch cruise through one of the local parks or hit the sea front! (Weather dependant)

We will be using our facebook group to post up whenever a society session is on, but it can also be used by individuals to organise sessions with other members. Most evening some one will post on out FB page asking if anyone wants to skate, you'll never need to skate alone again! 


The membership fee is £10 for the year, giving you access to all the socials, sessions and the FB comunity group. You will also be able to learn from each other and more experienced members. All money will be used to buy in Swansea Skate hoodies and t's, to book minibusses and coaches and to put on BBQ's & partys for our members!

Keep up dated on our Facebook Page:

For any other information contact us through or come along to one of our sessions. 


Skate Society